5 Wrenches to Have in Your Toolbox

There are many types of wrenches that are for your benefit to have them always with you. Either you are taking a remote task, or you just are always cautious, the wrenches can make you feel a lot more secure no matter where you are heading.

Wrenches are supposed to made of cast iron that is naturally unbreakable and has some anti-rust abilities. Different wrenches meant to do another type of job that can help you get more specialized in something.

Wrenches to Have in Your Toolbox

Let’s now see the five wrenches that should never miss from your toolbox:

1. Open-end Wrench

This is a traditional double-ended wrench to unscrew bolts and nuts. It can give you a perfect grip since it has a U-shaped ending that can touch virtually anything. Its small size can fit everywhere. This wrench is the natural prolongment of your hand.

You can always use the open-end wrench where precision is needed, and you are in a lack of extra space. It is a lightweight tool that deserves a permanent position inside your toolbox.

2. Adjustable Wrench

This is a very smart type of wrench. A best adjustable wrench is an important tool that must have on your toolbox. It has an adjustable opening on the top of the wrench that can be screwed and unscrewed so that you can find the right size of the bolt you need to tighten or loosen.

This wrench is really useful to plumbers and carpenters that are facing multiple sizes of bolts, even working in the same house. It is highly unbreakable, lightweight, and can always carried in your toolbox.

3. Combination Wrench

It is about another double-ended tool that has an open end from the one side and a box-end on the other. The open end is like the traditional wrench we have analyzed above. However, the box end made of an O-ring of various diameters being able to tighten or loosen special bolts and screws.

This is the perfect combination since many times, and you in need of both an open as well as a closed o ring-shaped wrench to perform your task. It is one of the tools that would be useful to carry on with you in your toolbox

4. Allen Wrench

It is a rather small wrench that has a minuscule diameter found in screws and bolts for furniture applications. The Allen wrenches have an L-shape to give you a more precise handling surface so that you can rotate them around themselves. The ends of the wrench are hexagonal-shaped so that they can match the exact openings on the special screws and bolts they are tightening or loosening.

The Allen wrenches always come in various sizes. Since they are also lightweight, you can have the whole collection resting in your toolbox and reveal it anytime you need to perform a special piercing task on the various wooden parts of your furniture.

5. Socket Wrench

The socket screws and bolts have been lately famous since they can securely attach any part above the other. Using the socket wrench, you can take advantage of the hollow cylinder at the very tip of the wrench (which is called a socket) to tighten or loosen bolts of the specific size and shape.

This wrench gives you the chance to have extra room to work, especially when the bolts needed to tightened in places that you can not easily reach. The Socket wrench is usually coming in a special hard case that has all the sizes of sockets on it for you to choose the one that fits better for your situation.

It is by far the most valuable part of your toolbox, and you should always have it with you since it combines all the features found in the conventional wrenches.


There are multiple types of wrenches for you to choose from. These 5 are the essential ones to have them with you all the time when you are going to work. It would be useful to have them with you in your trunk since the combination of all of them can always give you secure ways to fix things.

The best technician needs the right wrenches!