How to connect PVC pipe without glue: A Comprehensive Guide

Because it is risk-free, robust, and economical, plastic pipe is the most used material for water service lines and the DWV (drain-waste-vent) system. Cast iron, copper, and steel have been increasingly replaced in residential and commercial construction by PVC and its plastic siblings, CPVC (Chlorinated PVC) and ABS, over the previous half-century or so. CPVC … Read more

How to repair PVC pipe in the ground – A Comprehensive Guide

Today Drainage, ventilation, and waste systems typically use PVC piping material in the garden. Despite their reputation for long-term reliability, they are prone to leaks and breaks even when adequately cared for. A subterranean PVC pipe needs some attention, and you’d want to know how to fix it. If the repair is too complicated or … Read more