How Much Does a 1500 Watt Heater Cost to Run?

Maintaining warmth, especially in cold areas or during cold seasons, can be a challenge considering the high cost of energy. An electric space heater is of great help to our thermostat issue. However, as much as we want our home to be cozy, we tend to worry about the energy cost we shall incur. However, even with the increasing energy costs, you may want to know how much does a 1500 watt heater cost to run.

The average running cost for a high consumer using a 1500w heater is about 0.20 $ per hour. Suppose you utilize it for 8 hours per day, you will end up spending 1.60 $ and in a month it will sum up to 48$. If you want to enjoy sufficient warmth in your home, then a 1500 watts heater is suitable. The energy bill is calculated in kilowatts per hour which means the heater will be using 1.5 kilowatts of power in one hour. The cost of running the heater will depend on your usage time, heating setting, heaters power, and electricity rates charges

How Much Space Can a 1500 Watts Heater Heat?

A good way to determine how much watts you will require to heat your space is by measuring your area coverage. You can consider the 10 watts per square foot thumb rule. A 1500 watts heater can heat a space of approximately 150 square feet. This is equivalent to an office, kitchen, medium-sized room, or a normal living room.

How Much Electricity Does a 1500 Watt Heater Require?

To estimate the cost a 1500 watts heater will use, you have to consider things like wattage, running hours, rate charges, space of the room, and the estimated time it is actively used. It is advisable to plan especially when it comes to electronic gadgets and your energy rates.

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Determining your wattage

The SI unit for measuring power is in watts. Normally heaters are rated by watts, which makes our work easier. However, some are in BTUs or rated by their heat input. If it is in BTUs, then you will have to convert it to watts.

Normally, 1 BTU = 0.293 watts

Therefore, suppose you have a 5000 BTU heater then it will be equivalent to 1465 watts.

Heat settings

You will not be running your heater on a high level all the time. Therefore, you need to estimate the wattage usage. To have a realistic estimate, I would advise you to use the medium setting which is 70% of the rated wattage.

Our 1500 watts heater will have an average rate of 1050 watts which is 70% of 1500.

1500 × 70/100 = 1050watts

Running hours per day

This helps you figure out the cost you will incur per day. Remember you will not be using your heater continuously for 24 hours. Therefore, try to estimate how long your heater is always actively on. The energy bill is usually calculated in kilowatts per hour, so once you know the estimated running hours you will multiply with the kilowatts (watts divided by 1000).

Determine the rate charge per kilowatt-hour

Rates vary with different locations. You, therefore, need to know the specific rates for your location. You can use your previous bill to check or do online research. Once you have figured that out, add the other charges like delivery cost, fixed rates, regulatory charges, and new infrastructure to avoid any errors on the final price.

This last step has simplified your work, since having the daily cost you can easily get the cost for a whole month comfortably.

Therefore; watts × hours of operation ÷ 1000 = kilowatt-hour

Kilowatts-hour ×rate charges + extra charges = estimated cost for running a 1500 watts heater

Alternatives to cheaply heat your space

Here are a few suggestions you can consider to reduce the cost of using an electric heater and end up maintaining the warmth in your room.

  • Using insulated or blackout heavy curtains. These curtains are made of heavy weave material which prevents heat loss.
  • You can use draft stoppers or weather stripping.
  • Cover your floor with woolen carpet and down rugs.


Now that you know how much a 1500 watt heater costs to run, it will be easier to plan and budget for your monthly utility. Next time do not get surprised by your energy bill. From the estimation, it is clear heating your room with an electric heater is not expensive so long as you regulate the running time and heat setting. Moreover, there are different types of electric heaters go for one that is within your budget and has a low running cost.

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