Do Moth Balls Keep Squirrels Out Of Flower Pots?

Squirrels are stubborn creatures which can dig and destroy your flower pots, keeping them off your flower pots can seem to be futile as they always find a way to get back. You might consider using moth balls but how sure are you that they will keep squirrels out of flower pots?

Moth ball or Naphthalene and Paradichlorobenzene is a remedy that can be used to repel squirrels from your flower pots. But the truth is this technique is harmful and should be avoided. This method is disastrous to people with children, pets, or living with elderly persons. Pets or children could mistakenly consume them leading to health issues. On the other hand, when inhaled by the elderly it can lead to health deterioration.

Below are a number of reasons why you should not use moth balls to repel squirrels in your flower pot and other friendly alternatives.

Why Moth Balls Are Not Safe In Keeping Off Squirrels Out Of Flower Pots

Moth Balls are toxic

Moth balls will repel the m squirrels but they are harmful to the wildlife. The squirrels will at times remove them from the pot and other wild animals will be at risk of consuming them.

It is not humane to risk the lives of other animals in the name of repelling squirrels.

Moth Ball Overuse

Once you start using moth balls to keep off squirrels from your flower pot, you will also be tempted to use them to control other pests.

This will lead to moth ball overuse, this will make your whole compound to smell like moth balls which is irritating. This will expose all the people in that compound to the risks of being affected by the toxic compounds present in moth flakes, crystals, bars, and balls.

Using Moth Killer Products Requires a lot of Moth Killer Products

If you are using moth balls as the only method to prevent squirrels from invading your flower pot, you will be require to buy a lot of them. This is because they have to be frequently replaced by new ones to keep their smell strong

Using too much moth balls can make people living in the compound to have headaches or sore throats.

Getting Rid Of Moth Ball Smell Can Be Hectic

If you continuously use moth balls, getting rid of the smell on things that are nearby can demand a lot of work especially if you use a lot of them.

Whenever you are disposing moth balls, it is advisable to inform the trash service so they can dispose it properly.

If you buy or rent a home and find that it is full of moth ball smell, you should call a professional cleaner to get rid of the smell as the work can be too much for you.

Moth Balls Are for Controlling Clothing Moths

Moth balls should be used for their work which is preventing moths when clothes are put in a container. That is the work they were intended for when produced.

 This is because they have to be frequently replaced by new ones to keep their smell strong

Alternative Methods to Keep Squirrels Out of Flower Pots

Use Sonic Deterrent

This is one of the effective methods to keep squirrels away but only if you do not have pets. The ultra-sonic squirrel repellant emits a high pitched sound that chipmunks and animals can hear but not humans.

These sound can be heard by dogs and cats so this method is not safe for pet owners.

You can fix the device near the flower garden or an outdoor outlet. Depending with the size of your garden, you can have one or more ultrasonic repellant device.

It is advisable to buy a device that will produce sound continuously other than one that detects sound movement. This is because the squirrels can at time pass unnoticed.

Fertilize with Bone Meal

Bone meal has a repelling smell to squirrels, it will keep them away from the flower pots at all times.

For better results, do not mix the bone meal with soil, leave it on the top. You will only have to add another portion when the bone meal is watered in. This is a win-win condition as your plants will also benefit.

Use dog Hair

Dog hair can help to keep off squirrels, wondering how? When you are done grooming your dog, take the dog hair, and scatter it inside your flower pot. This method might not work immediately but after some day, it will give off a repelling smell to the squirrels.


This is a natural and a more humane way of keeping squirrels off your flower pots. Soak some cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them round the flower pot.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Fox Urine

The smell of cider vinegar repel squirrels the same way fox urine does. The foxes are squirrels greatest attackers and the urine will make them think that they are in danger hence running for their lives.

You can sprinkle in your flower pot or near garbage cans.

Use Physical Barriers to Keep Squirrels Away

As you wait for the other methods to work, you can use physical barriers. You will be required to cover your plants with wire mesh or wire baskets.  You can also use a bird cage or any other method that will help keep squirrels away.

Keep your compound clean to keep off squirrels.

If you want to lessen the number of squirrels visiting your compound, keep it clean. Food remains or fallen over ripe fruits will attract squirrels.

Do plastic owls keep squirrels away?

Owls are predators to squirrels, a plastic squirrel will scare them off. You should not put the plastic owl in the same position as the squirrels will get used to it.

What animal keeps squirrels away?

If you have pets like dogs and cats, they will be beneficial in keeping off squirrels in your compound. They naturally born with chasing instincts, they will help keep them away when no one is around.


Moth balls help keep off squirrels out of flower pots, but they are not worth the risk. They have many disadvantages from bad odors to health issues.

Considering there are other natural, odor free and healthy ways to keep of squirrels from your flower pots, there is no need to use moth balls to repel squirrels.

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