Converting Double Sink To Single With Garbage Disposal

Double sinks were common before the invention of dishwashers where the two parts were useful when washing and rinsing utensils. But in the new era with automated dishwashers, the need for double sinks is not much. This is especially when you have large dishes that need to be soaked, you might require to convert your double sink to a single with garbage disposal.

 You can convert a double sink to a single with garbage disposal by first getting rid of the old one and getting the correct sink the same type as the countertop. Remove everything that isn’t glued underneath the sink to create a working space. Place the sink as per the manual and attach the garbage disposal.

How To Convert A Double Sink Into Single With Garbage Disposal?

Get the Correct Sink

You should get a new sink and get rid of the old one.

To avoid the work of rebuilding the countertop, you should buy a sink of the same type as the counter. 

For instance, you should not buy a drop-in basin whereas your countertop is top-mounted. You will ease the work by replacing the sink without any adjustments.

Remove All the Parts

Disconnect everything underneath the sink that is not glued. You will require rags to secure the drain pipes. Position the sink as per the directions on the manual.

Attach the Garbage Disposal

Take a P-trap kit from one of the drain pipes to the disposal outlet. And then, you have to clip the other drain pipe.

If there is any leakage, you can call a plumber to fix the issue or replace the hardware with new ones.  

How To Install A Garbage Disposal On A Single-Bowl Sink?

If your single-bowl sink does not have a garbage disposal, you can follow the steps below to install one.


  • A disposal Unit
  • Wire strippers
  • Screw Driver
  • Hammer
  • Utility Knife
  • A cloth
  • Pliers


  • Ensure that there is adequate room to fit the unit and the pipes underneath the basin line up properly. This will also make sure that there is enough working space.
  • Make sure there is electrical wiring below the sink to connect the disposal unit.
  • The circuit breaker must be turned off so that you can wire your garbage disposal. Using a non-contact electrical tester, ensure that all the power circuit is off. Turn off all the power circuits until you are certain that no electric currents.
  • Using the slip-joint pliers, disconnect the P-trap and drain the extension pipe from beneath the sink. Use a rag to clip the exposed drain to keep off a bad smell.
  • Using a putty knife, take off any old plumbers putty from the wall to ease installation.
  • Put the flange evenly into the sink bottom hole. Slip the gasket and backup ring to the flange open sleeve below the sink followed by the mounting ring and snap ring.
  • Tighten the screws properly for a secure fit and wipe any leftover plumbers putty that pressed out of the joint in the sink.
  • Using the wire nuts, join the wires and tuck them in a wire box, and shut it.
  • Place the disposal garbage on the mountain ring, all outlets should face towards the drain pipe. Then, fasten the disposal discharge tube firmly.
  • Lastly, use pliers to fasten all the couplers. Turn the circuit breaker on, if there is no leakage the disposal garbage will be working effectively.

In case you have a dishwasher, you can connect its drain pipes too. Just ensure that the couplers are well tightened.

Average Cost of Installing A Garbage Disposal On Single Bowl Sink

The cost of installing new garbage disposal on a single bowl sink will depend on the model you are purchasing.

Garbage disposals are available in a price range of $80-$200. You can choose to hire a skilled person to install it for you however, you will have to pay more

If you decide to hire a handyman and buy an average-priced unit, you will need around $250 more or less.

You can minimize the cost by doing it yourself and eliminating the cost of hiring a plumber. You do not have to be a professional to perform this task, you will only need a guideline.

How Do I Clean My Garbage Disposal Unit?

Use Ice and Citrus Wedges

Take a handful of ice cubes and a half and lemon and run them through the garbage disposal.

As the ice cubes crush they will help in washing the blades and the lemons will keep the bad odors away. You can also use citrus instead of lemon.

Pour Vinegar and Baking Soda

This method is used in many homesteads, it requires on to have to sprinkle some baking soda and add a cup of white vinegar into the disposal unit.

Let it bubble for at least five minutes and use hot water to rinse.

Tips To Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

 If you want to retain your garbage disposal in better working conditions, you need regularly maintain it by;

  • You should not turn on the water supply before the disposal unit is done with crushing. You should wait for around 15 seconds when the grinding has stopped.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach and drain cleaners.
  • You should not keep your garbage disposal for long without using it to avoid corrosion.
  • Rinse your disposal unit for 30 seconds every time you turn it off.
  • Chop large pieces into smaller ones for faster grinding.

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Backing Up Into My Dishwasher?

This is a problem that is experienced by homeowners with a single-drain sink with disposal garbage and a dishwasher. This is where the waste from the garbage disposal unit enters the dishwasher via the drain hose that joins the dishwasher to the disposal garbage.

This occurs when the disposal unit clogs making the waste back up to the dishwasher. This problem can be avoided by pouring hot water once per week to help melt the clogged debris.


After converting your double sink to a single with the garbage disposal, you can now soak all your large pots and dishes with ease.

With a single sink, washing will be more fun than before. Remember to follow the maintenance advice to have your garbage disposal in better condition. 

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