10 Best Wet Tile Saw For Diy

The most construction procedures require excellent cut and special precision to produce a quality result. The same applies to the tile application tasks where the Best Wet Tile Saw For Diy is necessary to offer the most accurate cut to particular tiles and make the smoother available surfaces.

Tile saws are potent devices that steadily operate at high speed to fine cut all the tiles needed to cover our bathroom walls or the kitchen surfaces. This operation needs extreme lubrication and precise cutting experience so that the best result is finally received.

Tiles are most of the time susceptible to external pressure and need proper handling so that they can cut to the desired dimension according to our surface size. Not to mention that the application of tiles to the walls and floors of our premises may require some additional cuts to smoother the corner areas and make them quickly placed to their final destination. Let’s take a look at the most desired tile saw.

10 Best Wet Tile Saw For Diy 2020

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1. DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty – Best Wet Tile Saw

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DEWALT has been the brand name of choice for technicians that are continually trying to cut tiles as a part of their daily activities. This particular tile saw is the best wet tile saw ever created for professional use.

It has a stainless-steel rail system which is integrated into the tile saw frame and can ensure the proper tile cut. There is also a side and rear water attachment to be placed on a tile saw and catch over-spray from large tile to keep the water in the pan. This is to make the drilling procedure easier and accurate.

Finally, the tile saw can uphold more than 70pounds of weight and is ideal for remote work since it can be easily folded and taken with you.


  • A dynamic motor can cut any type of tile.
  • Working in high RMP with great consistency.
  • Water drilling mode for lowering the temperature in the cutting surface.
  • Very lightweight to be carried with you.
  • Plunge feature can give you quick plunge cuts at any time.


  • Energy consuming device.
  • Less affordable.

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2. SKIL 3540-02 – Best Wet Tile Saw for The Money

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This latest saw series created by the SKIL company has made the tile cutting a straightforward procedure. The SKIL 3540-02 is one of the Best Wet Tile Saw For Diy for professionals.

The saw features a steel tabletop for improved anti-rust abilities and a more excellent working surface, which can be crucial for the cutting tasks. Also, the adjustable rip fence with miter gauge can give you more accuracy to perform straight miter cuts.

Finally, the blade cooling water reservoir keeps the blade from heating up, ensuring your safety, while at the same time minimizes dust and debris when cutting the tiles.


  • Corrosive resistant stainless-steel body.
  • Miter gauge and adjustable rip fence are getting easier to use.
  • Water flows for blade cooling.
  • Crosscut capacity among the greatest in the market.
  • Precision cutting applied to the LED lighted surface.


  • A short power cord makes it hard to work remotely.
  • The hard case is not easy to carry with you.

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3. MK-370EXP 1-1/4 HP – Best Professional Tile Saw

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It operates in 110V using a longer power cord than its competitors to enhance its mobility features. Practically you can carry it with you virtually at any workplace no matter where in the world you may travel.

Then it has a special diamond blade cutting even the hardest tiles and a unique water spraying system to keep the cutting surfaces cool and smooth.


  • Lightweight and portable to any workplace.
  • Hinged blade guard for secure use.
  • Stable attachment to the ground for perfect tile cuts.
  • Large blade to fit all types of materials.


  • The flawless function disregarded,
  • A panic button is non-existent.

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4. 2.5 Horsepower 10″ – Best Tile Saw for The Money

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The Horsepower industrial tile saw is one of the most innovative solutions for acute tile cutting producing almost zero dust and debris. It listed as one of the great tiles saw ever produced for its robust appearance making it the perfect companion for the professionals that usually perform tile cutting.

It can work under various power currency sources and still have the same endurance and productivity rate. The table bed is made of cast iron to have a solid surface where tile cutting can be quickly processed. There is a special water pumping system to give sprays of water to the cutting edges of the tiles and lower their superficial temperature for better results.


  • They were standing machine with the powerful axis.
  • Blade made of stainless steel for extreme quality.
  • Waterproof abilities, no matter where you are.
  • The handle can fit all possible tile sizes.


  • Metal parts can easily destroy.
  • The thermal activity of the motor is dangerous for its longevity.

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5. QEP 22650Q 650XT 3/4 HP 120-volt – Best Cheap Tile Saw

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The absolute newcomer in the category of the cutting machine has been the QEP tools that have shown excellent durability and enjoy full acceptance. This latest model has been well-known as one of the Best Wet Tile Saw For Diy being sold online and gathers all the desired characteristics you would expect from such a specialized tool.

It can cut all possible tile materials such as ceramic, porcelain, marble, and granite with the same ease and comfort. The positioned rim diamond blade gives accurate tile cutting in any possible angle.

There is also a water recirculation system designed to help keep your work area dry.


  • The powerful motor can work in high RMP to give extra cutting precision.
  • A blade can be easily changed after use.
  • Tool rest option is apparent for any workplace.
  • A table extension can give you more room to work in.
  • The long cable enables you to work remotely.


  • Rust accumulated in metal parts after outdoor use.
  • The brushless function of the motor often disrupted.

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6. PORTER-CABLE PCE980 – Best Tile Cutting Saw

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PORTER-CABLE saws have been the tools of choice for most professional craftsmen who are always working in the construction industry. It is one of the best professional tile saw ever presented to the public having all the technological advances you would be looking for.

The saw has a stainless-steel tabletop for improved stability when working. The cast metal sliding tray is equipped with special water channels to make more accessible the heat containment of the tiles.

There is also an option to adjust the rear fence to cut larger dimensioned tiles with the same comfort. The saw has a roll cage, and a carry handle to make it easier to have it with you at any given time.


  • Ric cuts are allowed thanks to the large miter cap.
  • They were carrying made easy for the large roll cage.
  • Large drain plug, to quickly remove water from cutting surface.
  • LED lighting applied to the cutting surface.
  • High RMP motor is enhancing proper function.


  • Legs are not stable enough for concrete use.
  • The iron cast may get overheated with time.

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7. Ridgid R4030s Tile Saw

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The  Ridgid company is well-known and reputable for delivering only the best available tools for the construction business. The Ridgid R4030s Tile Saw is available with a foldable stand; that is why it listed as the best tile saw.

It has the largest diagonal cut capacity in its category. It equipped with a powerful motor that can easily cut porcelain and granite materials. The removable extension table is great for use with larger format tiles.

Also, the dual-snake pipe water nozzle allows precise water control and placement under any cutting condition.


  • The motor gives you more torque and can cut all types of tiles.
  • The guide is large enough to promote precision.
  • Motor housing is tilted to ensure safe use.
  • All types of diagonal cutters are easy to perform.
  • Laser technology is applied to create precision.


  • The power cord can sometimes fail.
  • The overreacting blade is a common problem.

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8. DEWALT DWC860W – Best Wet Tile Cutter

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It has a powerful motor that delivers enough power to cut all kinds of tile material. The saw keeps on being extra lightweight and compact to be carried anywhere. It has a premium diamond blade to precisely cut tile stone materials, wet or dry.

There is also the option to adjust the depth of cut to allow the users to cut tiles at various depths. Finally, the lock-on button reduces user fatigue during production cuts.


  • Great power motor can cut all types of tiles.
  • A premium diamond blade can give you a precision cut.
  • Forty-five degrees bevel is there to give you more diagonal cuts.
  • The lock-on button is there to reduce fatigue.
  • Waterline gives more cooling-off to tile cutting.


  • Rectangular cuts are harder to perform.
  • The rubber handle is not giving a good grip.

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9. SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch – Best Wet Tile Saw

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This is the SKIL company that has made the best impression among the construction workers for the premium quality for its featured tools.

It features a special water lock system to keep the blade cooled down at all times. You can finish your tasks sooner than ever before since there is a remote wider table top to increase the working surface.


  • The blade can be easily removed with a single wrench.
  • The lubrication of the chain achieved with great ease.
  • The sliding side is one of its great advantages.
  • Bevel cuts offer great diagonal tile cutting.
  • The aluminum table-top gives extra durability.


  • Table legs are hard to develop when needed.
  • No stop button exists on the front panel.

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10. QEP 22400Q 3/5 HP Torque – Best Tile Cutting Saw

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Another great QEP tile saw that is one of the best tiles saw for cutting. This tile saw is lightweight and fully portable.

It equipped with a larger than usual diamond blade capable of cutting all types of tiles. The motor is easy to operate and powerful in torque size, giving you the ability to reduce all the various dimensions of tiles precisely.

It has a beveled surface that can cut straight and in angles to ensure proper cutting experience.


  • It can cut easily all types of materials from ceramic to marble.
  • Concrete parts are welcome as well.
  • The iron cast body has perfect thermal induction abilities.
  • A diamond blade is there to ensure precision.
  • High RPM of motor is a great plus.


  • Plastic can wear off with time.
  • More power is needed to extend the working tabletop.

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Hopefully, this article was helpful to you in your quest to find the model of Best Wet Tile Saw For Diy that is right for you. Before making a great purchase, make sure you get the best quality tile saw that is safe and comfortable.

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