10 Best Tennis Ball Machine Review

Best Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis performance is highly dependent on the quality of training you can possibly get during the week. The search for the best tennis ball machine can become quite intriguing especially for people not having the time to look for different options available in the local market and online as well.

The tennis ball machine has long been considered as the greater innovation of all times in the training procedure of professional tennis players. You don’t have to get a companion when you want to perform personal training in the tennis courts. You simply adjust the ball machine to the desired distance, speed and timing and the tennis balls are directed to you giving extra comfort to any tennis player for an intensive daily exercise.

The various brand names that are apparent in this market are making your decision difficult for one more time. Since price is not the issue, quality and abilities can vary vastly in this sensitive tennis training area. You have to thoroughly examine all the different options available to you at any given time and have always in mind the level of expertise you have as a tennis player.

Now let’s take a look at the most famous tennis ball machines that are widely available in the world markets.

10 Best Tennis Ball Machine Review

1 Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine with Phone Remote...
122 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • There is enhance oscillation diversity it Can be Easily Made By the Player Model.
  • Charger Provided. Battery Sold separately.
  • Use Phone to Program each Shot for Speed, Spin, Height, Angle, and Feed Rate.. No additional Cost for Phone Remote Upgrade.
  • The machine is easily programmable to Make your Own Drills.
  • This is the one and only tennis ball machine with no plastic particles.

The Spinshot company has a long tradition in offering the tennis public some of the most appreciated machines. This one is registered as one of the cheap tennis ball machine you can easily buy and install it in any tennis court for daily training.

It has a portable character with rear wheels apparent and ready to transport the device virtually anywhere in the tennis court. The timer is enhanced and can keep your pace highly elevated during intensive training. The ball feed is large and can take more than 100 tennis balls in its great tank.

It also features a large battery capacity for enhanced autonomy during use and you can actually program it remotely from your smartphone. The wheels are running better and more precisely in any type of terrain and the anti-rust and corrosion character of the outer metal parts guarantees the longevity of the tennis ball machine.

2 Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Portable Tennis Ball...
42 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • Durability is at maximum levels, its 35-pound ergonomic design and oversized-wheels allow for easy transport, even with a full hopper of 150 balls. A great duration battery allows you the freedom to play anywhere at any time.
  • There is a sweep adequate for full corner of the Elite Freedom will challenge a wide range of players from advanced to beginners alike.
  • There is a special horizontal speed to improve oscillation: 10 to 70 mph Ball capacity: 150 Feed rate: 2-10 seconds Power: battery Court time: 2-4 hours Elevation: manual 0-50 degrees Weight: 35 lbs. Spin: None Warranty: 2 years
  • Includes Basic Battery Charger

The Lobster company has been well-known for creating some of the unique devices for sports utilities you can possibly find. This latest series has been characterized as the best tennis ball machine you can easily buy online and be reliable and long lasting as well.

Made of special plastic material it ensures that is widely waterproof and can stand all types of external weather conditions in the tennis court. It has an adjustable rate and speed of throwing the tennis balls that can be remotely programmed for comfortable use.

The wheels are making it easy to move it through the exercise room and are good both for interior as well as exterior use. The battery capacity has greater endurance and it can ensure proper training time with no need for distractions every time you have to refill the ball tank. Not to mention that there are more than 150 balls fit in the tank for maximum comfort of the user.

3 Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine

Things We Like:

  • 5-7 Hours Court Time
  • Random Oscillation
  • The shots are selected from the ground to High Lobs
  • The ball speed can be easily adjusted; delivery time and height adjustments
  • This is one of the top selling tennis ball machines in the World JUST GOT BETTER

The Isam company has been presenting good quality products to last for a very long time and have a problem-free use. This latest model has been considered to belong to the portable tennis ball machine to make a difference while playing tennis for fun or professionally.

It is comprised of rust-free outer metal part so that the machine can easily withstand the rainy conditions. The machine is also powerful to give the user enhanced speed for the balls reaching him at any given time. This can dramatically increase your tennis skills and make you a better player overall.

The portability of the device is another certain plus for this model. You can actually carry it anywhere in the tennis court and the battery can last longer than any previous model. The Isam machines are the most durable objects found in tennis courts and can assist you to reach the professional tennis levels you are dreaming of.


22 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • Only Ball Machine not made of Plastic!! It has long life endurance, its 20KG design is easily transported even with the hopper full of tennis balls. The battery lasts over 2 hours so you are good to go
  • Included is a 2 button remote.
  • You can actually benefit from the battery charger that is included.Actual Battery is shipped separately and not included in the ball machine box
  • Improved abilities of oscillation get you more skilful: You warm up both forehand and backhand. Ball speed 10 kmph to 120 kmph. Feed rate 2-10 seconds. Power by the battery. Warranty 1 year

The Spinshot company is widely recognized for delivering top-of-the art machines to last longer than any other device exposed in tennis courts. This is considered to be among the tennis ball machines reviews to make a difference in the way people are purchasing these machines on a global basis.

The enhanced timer gives you more agility in programming the right pace for throwing balls towards you. It also has a greater ball capacity to ensure you will not delay your training to refill the tank all the time.

This model also has improved battery capacity for better endurance during long hours of tennis training and can be also programmed from your smartphone- a revolutionary option for most of you. The remote character of the ball machine can be crucial for the success of your training and you can be aware of your progress at any time using the metrics provided by the device.

5 Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports - Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine -...
89 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It can give you great features at the best prices: Lobster Sports has designed the elite liberty tennis ball machine to challenge beginner level players. Having an innovative design, easy-to-use product equipped with enhanced features at an affordable price.
  • You can also enjoy improved spin control: The elite liberty ball machine also offers unequalled spin control for a machine at this price point. You can adjust spin control for both topspin and backspin and at different levels.
  • The device is lightweight and has great endurance: Designed for maximum durability, this tennis ball machine has been manufactured to hold up against constant use. The 35-pound ergonomic design makes it lightweight.
  • You can transport it easily: The elite liberty tennis ball machine is easy to transport in your car. The wheels are oversized and the 3-foot ergonomic folding handle allows for easy transportation over grass, gravel, and curbs.

This is the latest call from Lobster company to meet all the requirements from professional tennis players. It is one of the best tennis ball machine you can possibly encounter online and order them as a result.

Solid structure and great timing abilities are among the benefits you enjoy with this machine. It is also lightweight and highly portable to any place. The Lobster company gives you the chance to perform single training in tennis courts and enhance your skills before or after the tennis dual game. A portable tennis machine like this one remains the player best companion since you can have greater agility in the tennis court and enhance your speed and reflexes when you see the balls coming towards you.

6 PLAYMATE Playmate Volley Ball Machine

Things We Like:

  • battery powered
  • Holds 200 Balls (with hopper up)
  • 6 Hour Re-charger (3 Hour Option Available)
  • Topspin and Backspin

The PLAYMATE machine has long been the companion of champion in tennis courts. It is said to be the automatic tennis ball machine of choice for most of the professional tennis players and can make a real difference in the way you are performing your daily training.

The existence of an air-cooling machine that produces powerful thrust for the ball throwing is an innovation highly appreciated by professionals. The external metal layer is good for giving water resistance to the whole device. The wheels are large enough to support the movable character of this ball machine.

The PLAYMATE machines are widely accepted to be the real champions in terms of giving better skills to developing tennis players. The rate of tennis ball throwing can be easily adjusted to your ease and to give yourself close to the edge training to introduce you to the next level of skilful tennis players.

It is imperative you have your own tennis ball machine to become the best tennis player you could possibly be according to your physical condition and talent.

7 Lobster Sports elite grand five tennis ball machine

Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five Tennis Ball Machine
12 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • There is a drill forehand throwing balls with moderate topspin and more arc giving the player more time to set-up for a forehand shot.
  • There is also the options of a Defend/Attack drill throwing balls using greater ball speed and minimal spin making the player move in and out of the corners and across the baseline quickly.
  • Balls are thrown from the approach drill with various spins and arcs aimed for the player to approach into the court after playing an aggressive ball. The right approach is promoted by the drill and net position, along with the proper covering of the line.
  • Includes 1-Amp Fast Charger

Lobster company has taken the market by storm when it presented the latest series of ball machine which accumulates all the latest ball throwing technologies a professional tennis player could possibly ask for. This series is supposed to be among the cheap tennis ball machine and everybody could easily acquire them even when living on a strict budget.

It is a simple construction with metal and plastic components for extra lightweight appearance and enhanced durability. The tennis ball tank is massive and can give you extra tennis training duration anytime you need it.

The existence of a timer can give you enough metrics to check all your reflexes and reactions when encountering massive tennis ball throwing. Skilful tennis players are giving extra attention to their single everyday training with their ball machine making them best performers at a glance.

8 Isam Value Tennis Ball Machine

Things We Like:

  • One of the most successful machines for the Money on the Market Today @$759
  • Random Oscillation
  • The shot is being selected from groundstrokes to High Lobs
  • UP to 65 MPH
  • There are also more than one power configurations: electric, battery or both (Ultimate)

Isam has finally managed to create a tennis ball machine that covers most of the tennis player needs when training alone in the tennis courts. It is said to be one of the best tennis ball machine and widely available to all markets with great reliability and improved guarantee regulations.

The simple construction is made of quality anti-rust metal giving more solid appearance and unique waterproof abilities. The timer can be adjusted by your smartphone and the battery has prolonged its capacity to give you the chance to train in courts with no hassle about the energy levels.

The Isam tennis ball machines are quite easy to program no matter what level of expertise you may have. The metrics provided give you enough information to adjust your training to the right intense levels to become a better and more skillful player. Your reflexes and reactions can be dramatically improved by the use of such a machine in your everyday single training at the tennis courts.

9 Isam Ultimate Tennis Ball Machine

Things We Like:

  • Wireless Remote
  • 2 Batteries for Extended Play
  • Runs off Battery AND Electric
  • Full Sweep and Random Oscillation
  • 300+ Ball Hopper

When you are looking for a unique tennis ball machine to cover efficiently your needs for single training in tennis courts then Isam seems like your best available option. This model produced by Isam could be one of the most portable tennis ball machines to make a difference in the intensity of the daily train you could possibly have.

The speed and count of balls can be regulated remotely and this gives you more flexibility and freedom to perform your tennis training with no need for a companion in the tennis court.

The portability of the machine is great and you can carry it easily in the court for enhanced comfort. The outer parts are metal design for style and protection of the motor.

The ultimate machine model has rapidly changed the way developing tennis players are considering their personal evolution through daily practice. The quick ball throwing, as well as the diverse rate of balls coming towards your direction, can increase your skills in blocking balls and servicing them when playing dual.

10 Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine

Things We Like:

  • Designed for beginners and children just starting out
  • It is ideal for the 36' and 60' and 78' courts!
  • Shoots ALL of the Quickstart felt balls - new or used
  • Safety First! shoots from 14 to 30 mph!
  • The ball feeds shoots are particularly designed and feeds at different speeds

By choosing the Quickstart latest models of tennis ball machines you are making a big favour to yourself as you are following the proposal of most professional tennis players worldwide. The latest model presented here is registered among the best tennis ball machine you could have bought to make it easier to follow a personalized intensive tennis training plan.

The tennis ball tank can have more than 300 balls capacity-the biggest you can find online. Energy saving profile of the device is secured by the enhanced battery load, and your training can last longer and be safer. The speed and count of balls are regulated and you can enjoy optimum training at any time.

The timer can give you quality metrics to analyze your behaviour when receiving tennis balls at greater speed. Reading them carefully you can see all your mistakes when looking at the ball coming and adjust the position you have when receiving the tennis ball. Finally, the tennis ball machine can give you enhanced attention and response time getting the most out of your daily tennis court training sessions.

Awesome List of 10 Best Tennis Ball Machine


As you have seen the best tennis ball machine quest has been a challenging issue for many of the professional tennis players around the world. Before entering the ATP charts players like Nadal, Federer, and Jokovic have carefully selected the right type of automatic tennis ball machine in order to get the most out of their daily training.

Since single training has been regarded as necessary for the development of skills like accuracy and swiftness, the right selection of a tennis ball machine keeps on being crucial for the evolution of a professional tennis player.

The time reaction of the machine and the loading time are very important for the success of a tennis ball machine. Manufacturers have in mind that the quick replenish of the tennis ball tank is important when having to do with professionals that usually spend most of their day in tennis courts. The tank has to be spacey and has an enhanced motor to safely insert the balls to the throwing machine.

The pressure given to the balls to finally reach the player is also critical for the success of the daily training. Too much speed may lead to injuries and malfunction of the device. On the other side having less speed than normal service can give you failure feelings as a player and also extract false results from the metrics given by the machine.

This is the time to choose from a vast variety of tennis ball machines. They are all equipped with powerful batteries. The enhanced battery capacity is another important part of a successful machine. Since most tennis courts have no power supply it is of great importance to have a battery fully charged to last for hours until you successfully finish your daily training.

The battery has to be easily replaced when the life cycle has finally come to an end. The energy saving profile can many times interfere with the way power is distributed and stored. Some manufacturers are using solar energy to improve the potency of the batteries and give extra freedom and independence to the tennis player performing single training using a ball machine.

The other advice could be the portability of the tennis ball machine. The larger wheels can offer improved portability in all types of terrains. The ball machines have to firmly attach to the ground and ensure the stability of the whole system. This is the only way to make sure that the speed and the direction of the tennis balls would be the ensured no matter what.

This is the time for you to decide after knowing all these special details, which one is the ball machine that gathers the most beneficial features that are necessary for your skills improve as a professional tennis player.

Make sure you make your decisions feasible and have in mind that tennis courts may be far away from your residence. The ball machine can bring you to the top of tennis players.

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