15 Best Staple Gun Reviews 2019

Best Staple Gun

Staple guns have been the innovation that every craftsman are waiting for. Years before, you had to apply long nails using the hammer to firmly connect two separate pieces of plywood or other wooden structures. Today, we will review the best staple gun that is available to perform the same job easier and faster.

These tools are using a powerful air pressure system to press the nails directly to the wooden mass. This is done by just pressing one button and the nail is directed to the desired place. The staple gun is an easy-to-use electric powered tool offering you enough freedom to perform carpenters work in outdoor and distant places.

The great brand tool companies have presented new and improved editions of their staple guns. There is a great variety to choose from that vary in sizes and quality of nail penetration as well as swiftness of procedure.

This is the time where we examined thoroughly the abilities of the various staple guns giving you the chance to check which of them are more suitable for your personal case.

15 Best Staple Gun Reviews

1 Porter-Cable Crown Upholstery Stapler

Porter-Cable US58 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch 22-Gauge C-Crown...
433 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It uses staples of many sizes and specifications to ensure all kinds of job are easily done.
  • There are specific rear exhaust port channels that divert oil and condensation away from the user.
  • The existence of a 1-inch nose extension is great for limited clearance fastening.
  • This staple gun is made of extremely lightweight materials to make the tool more comfortable for constant use.

The Porter company has been well-known for its quality products helping craftsmen finish their jobs quickly. The latest series is believed to be among the best electric staple gun available in the market.

It is very easy to use a pneumatic stapler for multiple functions. The standard crown staples are used to ensure proper stitching and the large staples tank could easily fit more than 180 staples with no jamming issues.

The staple gun works in 70 to 120 PSI pressure and can easily cooperate with most air compressors.

2 Makita XTS01Z 18V LXT Crown Stapler

Makita XTS01Z 18V LXT Crown Stapler
64 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • There is an easy to use depth control setting by turning adjustment knob giving you extra comfort.
  • Existence of a convenient window on magazine showing the number of remaining staples so that you never run out of ammunition while working.
  • The spring-loaded driving mechanism allows for a more compact tool with less weight giving more satisfaction to the user.
  • The contact actuation is well-suited for production environment. Besides, the rugged machined aluminium magazine ensures smooth loading and feeding of staples.
  • It utilizes Arrow T50 type flat crown staples perfect for heavy duty stapling.

One of the most reputable manufactures of staple guns has traditionally been the Makita company. The latest series keeps on being one of the best staple gun you could possibly find online.

It has great cordless power abilities giving you the freedom to work in distant places with no hassle at all. Its battery capacity keeps on being gigantic, keeping you alive stapling at work for more than 8 consecutive hours.

Makita staple guns are a lot versatile and can use many sizes and types of staples for a variety of jobs. There is also a depth control system that can give you a clear insight into the deep insertion of the staple with adjusting a simple knob.

The gun also has s perfectly compact size and comes in a hard case to make sure you can always carry it with you safely.

3 Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4″ Narrow Crown Stapler

Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4' Narrow Crown Stapler, 18 Gauge,...
245 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • There is an egonomically designed simple flip actuation switch to allow an easy transition from single actuation to contact actuation.
  • The tool-free depth adjustment allows for a professional finish with varying materials- You can simply dial in the desired depth and efficiently finish the job.
  • The staple gun is equipped with a non-slip elastomer grip trigger that ensures the safety of the user.
  • Stapler is tool-less, has an easy to clear nose for quick and simple staple extraction should a staple jam happen.
  • Existence of a 360-degree adjustable exhaust can be directed away from the user in any direction and make working less harmful.

Hitachi has become the world leader in staple guns and tools utilized by carpenters and other relevant technicians. The latest edition has been registered as one of the best staple gun for wood which is a really strange type of material in terms of quality stapling.

The gun has an automatic moderator of speed and staple type used every single time. This is great for technicians that are constantly changing work sites and stapling methods. The pneumatic power is immensely giving you a great overall result.

There is a cordless power function using the extended battery load that can make a difference in the prolonged hours of continuous use. Finally, the staple gun is made of lightweight materials, easy to hold for a long time when working.

4 BOSTITCH 651S5 7/16-Inch by 2-Inch Stapler

BOSTITCH 651S5 7/16-Inch by 2-Inch Stapler
110 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It has a rapid-fire engine that produces 10 or more staples per second, an amazing score among competitors.
  • The construction is lightweight at just 4.2-Pound making it easy to work with it.
  • There is also a tool-free jam clearance to reduce downtime when precision is needed.
  • The shape of the staple gun gives you enough comfort. Besides, it comes in a plastic case that keeps it safe and sound from outer dangers.

Glorious for its perfect functioning the BOSTITCH staple gun is taking the market by storm for its special size and features that differ from the competition. This staple gun very popular for its unique features, the BOSTITCH stapler can give you the total freedom you are looking for when working in remote places.

It is equipped with a long-lasting battery which is more than capable to give adequate energy for long hour shifts. The cordless energy-saving power character is also great for the greater efficiency of the tool.

The automatic air pressure system delivers the right pressure in a timely way to ensure the proper depth of stapling. The staple tank has a special feature to warn the user when being empty. The gun is also equipped with a steady grip handle making it easy to hold for a prolonged time.

5 Stanley TR150HL SharpShooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Stanley TR150HL SharpShooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun
459 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It delivers high power and deep penetration. There is an easy-slide full-stick staple load for greater precision. It can use Stanley SharpShooter TRA700 series or Arrow T-50 heavy duty staples or other compatible.
  • There is also a limited lifetime warranty, giving you extra insurance when buying it.
  • The Hi/Lo power lever for hard and soft materials, makes you work more comfortable.
  • Existence of a heavy-duty aircraft-aluminium housing adds on to the long-lasting durability of the staple gun.

The newcomer of the category has been the staple gun produced by Stanley one of the most reliable companies in the world. This latest edition has been characterized as best staple gun for upholstery giving you more safety while working.

It is made of high-quality aluminium plates to have extra anti-rust protection. There is a particular anti-jam mechanism to make you work more efficiently especially when using various types of staples.

The easy-squeeze hand gives you less fatigue when working and there is also a high-low power lever for precision in depth when inserting staples. The staple gun is extremely lightweight and gives you perfect grip at any time, no matter what the external conditions are.

6 VonHaus 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Stapler

VonHaus 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless 18 Gauge Brad Nailer...
50 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It features a smooth action trigger switch, two firing modes, depth control adjustment, two-stage safety trigger and bottom loading magazine that are unique innovations of VonHaus company.
  • It is equipped with an 18V Max. 2Ah (2,000mAh) Li-ion battery – needs only 45-minute rapid charge. The charger is included.
  • The heavy-duty plastic body with tool belt hook adds on to the longevity of the tool.
  • There is also an ergonomically designed handle for comfortable use at any time.

The VonHaus company has been widely known for the innovative tools it delivers to the world public. It has many benefits to offer the user.

First, it is ideal for a range of materials such as plywood, hardboard cardboard and PVC panels. It is made of quality plastic and metal components being extremely lightweight and easy to carry with you. It features a cordless power technology using a special long-lasting battery to support a long work shift.

It can get various sizes and types of staples. There is also a depth indicator to adjust it according to the special use of each material stapled. The pneumatic pressure is among the highest provided in the market and can ensure the proper stitching of any material.

Finally, the LED indicator can show you the shortage of staples in the tank so you can be always on top of the situation at work.

7 Duo Fast EWC5018A 20 Gauge Electric Stapler

Duo Fast EWC5018A 20 Gauge 1/2-Inch Crown Electric...
15 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The stapler has a durable industrial strength construction for greater longevity.
  • There is a powerful 15 amp design to make it great for heavy-duty use.
  • The existence of a bottom load magazine makes loading fast and jam clearing easy.
  • It comes in a hard-shell carrying case for enhanced comfort and extra safety.

Stapling has never become easier than with the Duo-Fast latest edition staple gun. Being considered as one of the best heavy duty stapler you can possibly encounter it gathers all the characteristics you would expect from a professional stapler.

It has a longer cord than all previous models giving you the chance to work in distant places, away from the power supply. The stapler has a dynamic shape to give you better grip than ever before. It has been made by lightweight plastic materials giving you extreme comfort when working with it.

This staple gun can also accept a variety of staples and be always successful. There is a special depth control system to give you precision. The jamming is made easy to avoid by the adoption of a particular anti-jam mechanism giving you more time of quality work.

8 Fasco 11081F F1B 50-16 1/2-inch Upholstery Stapler

Fasco 11081F F1B 50-16 1/2-inch Crown 20 Gauge Duo-Fast...
49 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • This is a single shot stapler making the stapling more precise.
  • It accepts staples similar to Duo-Fast 50 series the most appreciated worldwide.
  • There is a single length magazine to hold more staples in a safer mode.
  • The 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch leg length staple give you more versatility to do many jobs.

Fasco has long been one of the most efficient constructors of high-quality tools for craftsmen in a global level. This particular series of staplers have been registered as one of the best staple gun available for immediate order online.

Although it seems basic, it has all the features you could possibly ask for from a stapler like that. It is lightweight giving you the chance of working overhead. There is a special cordless power system for enhanced safety while working. The staple feed is ample and can accept several types of staples. This is ideal for using it in multiple construction sites.

The pneumatic motor machine is powerful and can deliver accurate insertion of staples in any type of material. The perfect rubber handle gives you an enhanced grip and greater stability needed for quality work.

9 Paslode 900078NT Cordless Siding Stapler

Paslode 900078NT Cordless 3/4-to-2-Inch 16-Gauge Medium...
21 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It is lightweight for reduced operator fatigue and increases the productivity of the user.
  • It has a cordless feature for easy portability and convenience with no set-up time.
  • There is a quick-clear feature for easy access to the nose that is crucial for the longevity of the tool.
  • The drives 3/4- to 2-Inch staples for dual-use versatility is among the greatest benefits of this staple gun.

The Paslode stapler machine has been among the greatest inventions of later ages. This special edition has been characterized as one of the best upholstery stapler you can check that available on Amazon.

It is made of quality plastic and metal material giving the stapler increased longevity and great endurance to outer conditions. There is a special outer anti-rust layer giving your stapler waterproof abilities.

The power saving is tremendous with this model since it uses only the amount of pneumatic energy needed to insert the staple to the desired depth. The lightweight material that is made of, gives you increased comfort when using it.

10 Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler

Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type...
1,058 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • This is an air-operated stapler giving more longevity to the tool.
  • It uses Surebonder 4 staples or Arrow T50 type staples among the most common types.
  • This stapler is highly recommended for upholstery projects for its lightweight profile.
  • It features an adjustable air exhaust so that you feel comfortable during work.
  • It can give a variety of applications including but not limited to upholstery, cabinet backs, picture frames, light trim, carpet padding, small furniture repairs, house wrap, woodworking projects. You can use it virtually anywhere.

However being one of the most basic tools for stapling, the Surebonder company has a long tradition in creating quality products for craftsmen. This latest edition of the stapler is among the best staple gun you can possibly find online.

It has a longer cord that its rivals, giving you the chance to work remote at any time. The staple feed can have various types and sizes of staples. There is also a special LED light giving you information about the level of the staples and the exact time you need to refill the tank.

The motor is producing high pneumatic pressure to give you more precise stapling at any time. The perfect handle construction is made of quality rubber for a better grip during stapling.

11 Roberts 10-600 120-Volt 15-Amp Professional Electric Stapler

Roberts 10-600 120-Volt 15-Amp Professional Electric...
215 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It can secure a variety of flooring, including carpeting amazing for all business.
  • There is an 85 staple capacity and quick-release, bottom loading magazine for fast reloading for enhanced comfort.
  • Existence of an ergonomic, non-slip, plastic handle with rubber grip for maximum comfort and control is always there.
  • Extra power saving tool giving you more pneumatic pressure for the amount of electric energy it consumes.

This is the stapler that gives you the revolution in stapling business on a global level. The Roberts company is well-known for its premium quality tools and this stapler has been reviewed to be one of the best upholstery staple gun available on the world market.

Being extremely lightweight and made of aluminium is great for longer use and can have extra anti-rust abilities at any time. The motor is featuring an anti-debris coverage to make it work even under the hardest construction conditions.

The pneumatic pressure is among the greatest in the category giving you precise insertion of staples in the desired depth. There is a stop button that can cease the insertion process when needed for extra safety of the user.

12 Surebonder Pneumatic 22G Narrow Crown Upholstery Staple Gun

Surebonder Pneumatic 22G Narrow Crown Upholstery Staple...
285 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • There is a safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing.
  • The quick release magazine for easy loading is crucial for being timely at work.
  • The pressure operation of 60 to 100 PSI is among the highest in the market.
  • The air compressor needed, not included with purchase of this tool can give you extra freedom of choice.

The Surebonder company has finally managed to create a state-of-the-art stapler that makes the difference between the various models of the competition. This edition is listed among the best staple gun ever presented to the public.

It has a dynamic shape matching any carpenter that wants easy access to quality stapling. The tank can accept multiple types of staples and there is an adjustment button to find the precise depth of staple insertion.

It can be used in any material and can give you the freedom to work remote using the power cord that is longer than ever before.

13 Freeman PFWS Professional Fine Wire Stapler

Freeman PFWS Professional Fine Wire Stapler 20 Gauge...
170 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The product is tough and made of long-lasting anti-rust materials for better longevity.
  • It works with several types of staples. Good for any construction work.
  • The only stapler with depth identifier to show you the precise depth of insertion.
  • It has an energy saving profile and can be adjusted to any type of air compressor.

Freeman company has been always creating top-quality tools. This stapler accumulates all the latest innovations in the construction business and has features never seen before.

It has a decreased size and weight giving you the chance to use it while working overhead for long hours. The motor is powerful and can give enough thrust for stapling even in the hardest materials.

The tank is filled with numerous types of staples for better quality and there is an extra LED light to show you when the tank needs to be refilled.

14 Unicatch USC71/16L Long Nose Upholstery Stapler

Unicatch USC71/16L (US2238AL) Long Nose Upholstery...
64 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • Great independent power profile using the less amount of energy.
  • Quality body material for prolonged use.
  • Extra long power cord for remote use.
  • Variety of staple types used for increased flexibility.

The latest Unicatch series are offering you the highest quality of stapling experience. Being one of the best staple gun ever presented it gathers all the great features you are expecting.

Anti-rust layer to give you more freedom to work outdoors. Great handle with a rubber grip to offer you stability when stapling. The depth adjustment can be easily monitored by an internal indication so that you are always on top of the things.

15 Arrow Fastener T50PBN Pro Staple and Nail Gun

Arrow Fastener T50PBN Pro Staple and Nail Gun
56 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It has a durable Chrome finish suitable for stylish use.
  • There is a cushioned non-slip grip for enhanced safety of the user.
  • The stapler enjoys an all steel construction for better anti-rust abilities.
  • There is a jam-resistant mechanism to offer you continuous work.
  • Existence of a rugged, double-leverage operation for smoother function.

This is by far the simplest type of staple gun you could possibly find online. It has a special material to take away static electricity when using it. There is also a great variety of staples that can be used to enhance the versatility of the tool.

It can be adjusted to any air compressor offering you enough independence to work in remote places.

The staple gun has a smooth shape to help you hold it steadily no matter how big the air pressure could be. There is also a precision indicator giving you the chance to adjust the depth of staple insertion according to the special material abilities.

Awesome List of 15 Best Staple Gun


Now that you have seen all the latest stapler series you can freely choose the one that best fits your individual needs. The best staple gun cannot be easily judged and needs to be customized according to your professional way of delivering construction work. Make sure you choose the one that gives you more versatility and greater efficiency at work.

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