10 Best Portable Saw Horses

If you are searching for the best portable saw horses for your work? You are in the right place. There are so many sawhorses in the online market, but you have to choose the perfect one for you.

The sawhorses usually have a large surface where the saw is typically adjusted to cut the materials we are interested in. Then, the whole structure based on two or more legs with a powerful grip on the floor. This ensures the stability of the whole process, and at the same time, there is more precision in cutting than ever before.

This is the time where you should thoroughly examine all the possible options regarding the saw horses produced by branded companies. Their variety in sizes, colors, and shapes offers you a lot of choices in terms of special tastes of needs you may have. Let’s stats with the review of the various items.

10 Best Portable Saw Horses

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1. DEWALT DWX725 Heavy Duty – Best Folding Sawhorse

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This is a brand new saw horse that has been recently presented by DEWALT company to the world public.

It has a perfect shape to be stored and installed virtually anywhere in your workplace. The capacity it can handle comes up to 1,000lbs, and it can do the hardest cutting jobs with great stability.

The existence of innovative leg lock levers makes the set up a lot easier. You can also attach a miter saw, which not included, though.


  • Compact design for better comfort.
  • 1000-pound capacity can fit all.
  • Leg lock levers for ultimate safety.
  • Aluminum construction is very lightweight for remote use.
  • Legs provide superior support to all users.


  • May need an extra case to fold it up.
  • The toolbox cannot be adjusted to the body.

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2. Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster – Best Saw Horses

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Rockwell is another great impressively powerful saw horses. Reviewers have considered it belongs to the best portable saw horses for its quality.

It has a powerful clamping potential, using its great jaws to clamp virtually anything, no matter the size securely. The workbench has been experiencing great versatility and helps you adjust the height of the cutting surface according to your comfort levels.

It also has a solid construction by stainless steel that allows you to be aggressive at work and succeed in your goals.


  • Clamp workpieces are great for plywood.
  • The clamp can always get maximum pressure.
  • It can easily fold down for comfort use and carry on.
  • Wheels can be adjusted to move it through the workplace.
  • Heavy-duty design with iron cast legs.


  • Legs cannot be easily adjusted in size.
  • Rust can sometimes develop on the body if left outdoors.

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3. WORX Pegasus Multi-Function – Best Saw Horses Ever

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The WORX offers to the public a highly sophisticated sawhorse to meet all the performance. It is one of the best folding sawhorses, and it can be agile in the workplace, ensuring the proper finish of cutting procedures.

It can support more than 300lbs of weight as a worktable and more than 1,000lbs as a sawhorse. There is also the option to adjust it to additional models and expand the work surface. Its great advantage remains the easy folding up to transfer it easily wherever your workplace could be.


  • A versatile workstation can extend to the craftsman’s desires.
  • The worktable can easily support more than 300lbs in weight.
  • Extra storage place underneath the table.
  • The power supply is always apparent.
  • LED lighting is applied.


  • Metal parts are vulnerable to corrosion.
  • Plastic parts can easily fade away.

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4. Keter Folding Compact Portable Saw Horses

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This is a versatile option for the combined worktable and sawhorse in the same device, a smart proposal from Keter company that leads innovation in working tools.  This is one of the best portable saw horses out there with special features to support.

It is portable and adequate for all types of projects. The support given to the cutting process is immense since the table can hold more than 1,000lbs of weight. The workbench can also be folded to a compact size when not in use.

Finally, it’s quality construction makes sure you can install the worktable and saw horse in any given work and be reassured that it can pass the test of time due to the durable materials is made.


  • Large working station beyond the class average.
  • The lightweight design gives extra mobility.
  • The cast-iron body gives you more security.
  • Legs are looking for improved safety.
  • A toolbox is always included.


  • Dynamic shape is not competent enough in outdoor activity.
  • Plastic can break down with severe impacts.

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5. Hitachi 115445 – Best Folding Sawhorse

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The Hitachi company has literally produced one combined saw horse and worktable that better meets your needs in the workplace. It has been listed as one of the best portable saw horses ever seen that able to work in adverse conditions.

It is largely heavy duty being able to hold more than 1,200lbs of weight. Its mass can be transported in the room easily grace to the folding abilities it performs. The Hitachi Green Sawbucks are apparent in this model to support the flat side of 2×4 and can be used to expand the work surface. There is also a built-in shelf and cord perfect for storage.


  • An extra room provided underneath the working surface.
  • LED lights are there to brighten up things.
  • Anti-rust technology applied to metal parts.
  • Plastic parts are not flammable.
  • Legs securely lock to the desired position.


  • Absence of security measures in slippery terrains.
  • A limited guarantee is not existent.

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6. Stanley 060864R Folding Sawhorse

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This is a basic model of saw horse from Stanley company.

It has a steel base for enhanced stability while working, which can be crucial for the cutting experience. The legs are powerful and can stand at least 1,000lbs of weight. There is an option to adjust an expansion pack to make the working surface a lot bigger.

The saw horse is covered with a special anti-rust layer that prevents the stainless steel to rust and corrodes no matter how intense the indoor or outdoor use.


  • Imported parts for higher quality.
  • Plastic spare parts are there to reduce weight.
  • Metal parts are anti-corrosive layered.
  • Over 1,000 pounds can be loaded on it.
  • Brand new design and technology.


  • Additional energy sources are not available.
  • The cutting surface is not enough for large scale tasks.

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7. BLACK+DECKER WM125 Workmate Portable Sawhorse

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The Black & Decker WM125 Workmate is our great choice for the best portable saw horses.

It is a perfectly portable work center that easily holds up to 350lbs of weight. It also features a durable steel frame and wooden vice adjustable jaws for extra grip. There is an option of extra folding to fit anywhere in the workplace.

The existence of an adjustable swivel makes it easier to hold irregularly shaped objects.


  • More surface for cutting objects.
  • Lift to 1,000 pounds.
  • Folds easily and can be carried with you.
  • Non-skid feet provided.
  • Legs are easily locked in position.


  • Energy power sources not provided.
  • Legs can be easily torn down if improperly used.

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8. Trojan TS-35 35 Tall – Folding Saw Horses

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The Trojan company has been known for its quality products. It is one of the toughest, strongest, and most rugged sawhorses in the marker grace. It is a stainless steel construction that is solid and unbeatable. There is a special folding procedure that makes it easy to store it in a safe place when not needed.

The existence of a durable powder coat and plated finish will last for years. There is also a lifetime guarantee to accompany the purchase of the product. This gives you the reassurance that you will always be covered if something goes wrong unexpectedly.


  • Gripping teeth give you more stability.
  • Length can be adjustable.
  • Legs can easily be self-leveled.
  • Thick welded steel construction.


  • Steel may rust over time.
  • Plastic components may fade away.

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9. Bora Portamate PM-3300T – Steel Folding Sawhorses

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This is one of the unique sawhorses in the market, coming in a dual set for easier use and greater comfort for the user. It is more portable and lightweight, so anyone could easily transport it within the workplace. It is durable enough to stand any type of cutting job. Then it can be folded up and stored in a secure place without taking any useful room. It offers a 500lbs maximum capacity that is among the highest in the market.

The existence of a rust-resistant powder coat finish gives you the assurance that the longevity of the product is guaranteed. The assembly of the two parts is easy, and they are ready to use after packaging.


  • One horse race for every possible use.
  • No assembly needed.
  • The cart should not be put before the horse.
  • Bareback technology.


  • Rust can be accumulated in legs.
  • Plastic leg covers may easily break.

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10. Goplus 2-Pack Sawhorse Pair – Best Heavy Duty Sawhorses

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Goplus 2-Pack Sawhorse is enough durable saw horses with up to 275 pounds weight limit of one sawhorse.

The cutting procedure is made easy with the stable working surface standing on two powerful sets of legs that can be adjusted in height for the maximum comfort of the user. The stainless steel is comprised of the sawhorse mass is great for its overall endurance and portability.

The tabletop is expanded, giving the largest working surface.


  • Heavy duty and durability construction.
  • Sturdy foundation.
  • They are easily folded down.
  • Anti-slip work surface.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee confidence.


  • Plastic legs can easily break down.
  • Screws are easily destroyed from extra weight.

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Final Verdict

Now that you have seen all the various choices of saw horses, this is the time for you to decide which one is the best portable saw horses. The purchase of a sawhorse can be extremely useful for the quality of your cutting jobs and make the difference to your health level and safety overall.

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