10 Best Portable Air Tanks

Any car owner needs to ensure their cars well equipped with the best portable air tank in case of an emergency.  Portable air tanks are among the most popular equipment any driver needs to carry around as it contains air which they can always use to refill their car tires whenever they go flat.

However, the variety of portable air tanks in the market has made it difficult for one to decide which the best air tank in the market is. We did take our time and made an in-depth review of 35 portable air tanks before coming up with our list of 10 best portable air tanks in the market.

How To Fill a Portable air Tank

The tank usually filled using any type of compressed air. After that, the container can carry to any place you require it.

To fill the portable air tank, you need first to have the tank set to the ground close to the air compressor. You can then use the tire pressure gauge to help you in checking if there any air that is remaining in the tank. In case there is no air in the tank, keenly check the safety mark located by the air tank side. The maximum amount of pressure that is allowed for most air tanks does not exceed 120 PSI.

After that, you can start the air compressor. Let the air compressor pressure get to the maximum point, which is 120 PSI. You can then put the filling valve from the compressor of the air tank filling valve.

Now, fill the air up to 50 PSI and open the air tanks lowers water drain valve. When done, release water that has condensed from the container. You can then have the drain valve close after all the water signs have stopped flowing from the pipe.

Proceed to fill the air tank using the compressor and stop the process immediately, and the tank gets to the mark of maximum pressure displayed.

10 Best Portable Air Tank

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1. JEGS 81002 Portable Air Tank

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The JEGS 81002 Portable Air Tank considered being the best portable air tank. Although the tank is available in different capacities, the preferable size is 3.5 gallons.  Most people are said to be in love with the container, as it is among the smallest ones on our list. Measuring 24 by 7 ¼ by and vertical in design, the tank does come with a gauge of the 36-inch hose.

Our research did reveal that the tank is 50% lighter in weight than most of the other tanks made of steel currently available in the market. With a PSI value of around 125, work can be done much faster as it is of outstanding quality.

One can always go for a tank that suits him or her since they are available in different configurations, sizes, and designs.



  • Available in different configurations and capacities
  • Very lightweight
  • Small in size hence can fit on tight spaces
  • Affordable
  • Can last for long


  • Slightly tall in size
  • One has to check compatibility issues before buying

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2. Viair 91014 1 Gallon 4-Port Portable Air Tanks

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The Viair 91014 1 Gallon 4-Port Portable air tank is a top air tank capable of working at a high speed of 150 PSI. This tank comes with ¼ inch ports together with mounting brackets. Most people are said to prefer using this tank since it comes with a warranty defect period of one year that is not available in most of the other tanks.

This portable compressed air tank is coated using silver on the outside surface, which helps in bringing maximum resistance to corrosion. This ensures that the tank is well protected. The tank comes with mounting hardware and bushings isolator; hence one does not have to make an extra purchase.

The body structure of the Viair 91014 1 Gallon 4-Port Portable air tank is strong enough to last it for quite an extended period.



  • Comes with a warranty period of one year
  • Has a healthy body which makes it last longer
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Coated using silver which makes it resistant to corrosion
  • No need to make extra purchases of parts


  • Slightly expensive
  • Can only be used with a pressure release valve

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3. Torin T88011 Portable Compressed Air Tank

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The Torin T88011 Portable Air Tank is among the top air tanks in the market. With a capacity of 11 gallons, the Torin T88011 Portable Air Tank does have 125 PSI as the working maximum pressure.

Most people are said to fall in love with this air tank because of its well-built structure, although after some time it can wear out permanently. After using it for quite some time, you will always find yourself doing away with the hose, fitting, and valve and having to install new parts.

These portable compressed air tanks offer one lot of convenience as it comes with a well built-in gauge and a pressure valve release for safety purposes.

The tank is available in an easy to use design and works well with the 110V together with the power supply of 12V. The machine does have a minimal weight, which makes it easy to move around.



  • Comes with a 50-inch high-pressure air house
  • The pressure gauge is easy to read
  • Inbuilt pressure valve
  • Capable of holding compressed air for long
  • Has 11-gallon air tank gas


  • One cannot improve on the overall quality
  • A bit expensive

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4. Larin AT Portable Air Tank

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Are you in need of a pretty sizeable portable air tank? Then think of non-other than the Larin AT Portable Air Tank. With 11 gallon capacity, you can use the container for all massive works that require compressed air in large quantities.

The Larin AT Portable Air Tank’s central role is to help in cleaning appliances things. Most people do like it since it is safe to use at home thanks to the high-quality steel used in making it. The tank has also been weld well hence, not even a small chance of leakage. When using this air tank, you can store air for a pretty long time.

The Larin AT Portable Air Tank comes with 44” hose and 125 PSI pressure.  Being made using ANSI quality standards makes it a very reliable air tank.



  • Comes with a rust-free body
  • Handling it is very easy
  • Very light in weight
  • Made using ANSI standards
  • No chance of leakage


  • Has a low chuck quality
  • A bit expensive

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5. IT20ASME Industrial Portable Air tank

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Investing in the right portable air tank will help save your efforts whenever you need getting back to the road. This will also help offer protection whenever the tire gets flat deep in the dark. However, with the IT20ASME Industrial Portable Air tank, you need not worry about being stranded in the midst of nowhere.

This air tank has two in one fully operational function and does have a 175 PSI capacity capable of inflating tires within a few minutes.  This air tank is always ready for use, and one can effectively use it in vertical or horizontal directions regarding whatever your requirements are. It is a well-known air tank for its lightweight nature. The tank is also capable of fitting well in the trunk of the car thanks to its compact design.



  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Comes when ready to use
  • One can use the tank horizontally or vertically
  • Is a two in one multifunction
  • 175 PSI capacity


  • Not that durable
  • Slightly expensive

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6. FT5 Pro-Force Portable Air Tank

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You can quickly rescue yourself whenever the car tire depletes when you have the best portable air tank in your car.  One of the best choices any car owner can make is investing in the FT5 Pro-Force Portable Air Tank. This tank comes with a maximum PSI pressure of 135 that is enough to inflate car tire within minutes.

This portable air tank comes ready to use, and one does not have to carry out any assembling. The parts are well welded, and the handle is very durable, which makes it possible for one to move fast with the gauge, thereby allowing one to inflate the PSI car pressure.

Most people do like FT5 Pro-Force Portable Air Tank since it provided high efficiency whenever one is inflating their car tire as they do not have to exceed the car pressure. This is made possible since they can always be reading directly from the pressure gauge.



  • The shut-off valve is very reliable
  • Comes with a pressure gauge
  • Durable and brilliant handle
  • Has a maximum PSI pressure of 135
  • Has a high-quality brass


  • Can catch rust if not well maintained
  • One can experience some leakages at times

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7. HornBlasters Black Steel Portable Air Tank

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Are you in need of more air to help in inflating your car tires? If yes, then the HornBlasters Black Steel Portable Air Tank should be your best option currently available in the market.

This small portable air tank has a capacity of 5 gallons and does have multipurpose use since one can use the air tank to help inflate tires, horns, and kite together with several other air tools. The maximum PSI pressure is 300, meaning the tank is durable and robust.

HornBlasters Black Steel Portable Air Tank is also known to be of high efficiency since it has up to seven different ports offering versatility. Since it is a and durable tank together with its port, which is of large diameter helps in preventing the bottlenecks anytime you want to use the pressure for different purposes.



  • Has PSI of 300
  • Comes with ports having a wide diameter
  • Has a great design
  • Comprises of different port sizes
  • Can take up to 5 gallons of air


  • If not well maintained there can be leakages
  • Quite expensive for some

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8. Vixen Horns Portable Air Tank

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Have you been shopping for an efficient portable air tank in the market? Why not try the Vixen Horns Portable Air Tank. This tank is well known for its high performance. Being a brilliant air tank, one can always use it to help inflate car tires together with other inflatable tools. Having a capacity pressure of 200 PSI makes it a reliable and top quality air tank.

Vixen Horns Portable Air Tank does long-lasting feature steel when it ensures it is capable of withstanding pressure, thereby assuring safety. This tank also comprises up to 8 ports that are of varying sizes offering high efficiency for use in different requirements. The tank also helps in inflating the car with lots of ease.

Most people are said to prefer using Vixen Horns Portable Air Tank as it offers high efficiency, which one can always use to help quickly inflate car tires.



  • Has a PSI of 200
  • Strong and durable tank
  • Comprises of 8 ports of varying sizes
  • Has a pressure gauge of 240 PSI
  • Can take up to 5 gallons of air


  • Can quickly get rust if not well maintained
  • A bit costly for those on a tight budget

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9. AUX05 California Aluminum Portable Air Tank

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In case you need a top-quality portable air tank that will assure you of high efficiency, then you need to try out the AUX05 California Portable Air Tank. With a 5 gallon capacity, this tank, which has been constructed using steel and is of a pretty great and fresh make, is lightweight, which makes it highly portable.

This mini compressed air tank offers an emergency supply of air whenever one needs inflating the tire. Using it is very simple since one only needs to have the fittings connected with the air hose offering versatile uses that range from painting to tire inflation. Air is usually released at high pressure making it very easy to use.

The AUX05 California Portable Air Tank is well known for its high performance and versatility in the industry. Using the tank is very simple and does release air at pretty high pressure. Most people do weight this tank since it produces very little noise when in operation.



  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight due to materials used
  • Offers versatile uses
  • Is of portable design
  • Can hold up to 5 gallons of air
  • Has high-speed pressure release


  • Not that durable
  • Possibility of leakage is high

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10. Briggs & Stratton Portable Air Tank

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Almost any person owning a car does need desirable equipment that is readily available in case of any emergency. The Briggs & Stratton Portable Air Tank is top-quality equipment that any car owner can never afford to miss in their car. This air tank does come to the rescue when vehicle tires come to a halt when away from the gas station. This air tank is capable of holding up to 125 PSI which is enough to add car tire pressure.

The Briggs & Stratton comes packed with a chuck; hose together with mounting hardware’s which you can require for high efficiency. Most people do prefer it due to the versatile feature and the ease at one can use it when inflating the tires.

This portable air tank can provide one with almost everything they need since one does not require having special skills to operate it. Using the tank is since and one can also move with it without any problem thanks to its light weight nature.



  • Very simple to use
  • Is of versatile design
  • Lightweight making it portable
  • Has a maximum 125 PSI pressure
  • Comes with mounting hardware


  • Not that durable
  • Slightly expensive

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Criteria To Buy Portable Air Tank


When shopping for the best portable air tank, you need to know what size suits you best since they are available in different sizes. The sizes do vary from 5 to 15 gallons. The purpose and magnitude of usage will determine the size. In case you will be traveling for long distances, then it is appropriate that you purchase a bigger air tank.

However, when you need an air tank for home use to help in inflating mattress, then a smaller air tank will be more appropriate.

Type of Material

Portable air tanks are made using different materials. There are some which are made using steel while others are made using aluminum. The durability and weight of the air tank will in most cases be determined by the type of material used in making the tank.


Cost is an essential factor that plays a crucial role in the type of air tank you will purchase. There have many air tanks in the market that cost less. Such containers are mainly made using low-quality materials. However, when you need top quality and durable air tanks, most do cost a slightly higher price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a portable air tank used for?

Portable air tanks refer to the compartment for air storage, which is mainly found in workshops and garages. They are mainly used for the storage of air that has been compressed. They do offer convenient access to air that has been compressed in situations where the gas stations are not available.

Q. What is the best portable air compressor?

Currently, there are a variety of high portable air tanks in the market, although there are some which are not of top quality.  The portable air tanks we have discussed in this review are currently the best portable air tanks in the market.

Q. How do you put air in a portable air tank?

One can fill a best portable air tank by use of air compressors. The air compressors are, in most cases, found in gas stations and truck stops. Ensure that you frequently check the pressure gauge to enable you to disconnect the hose whenever the tank is filled.

Q. How much air pressure can a propane tank hold?

The most popular rating does ranges from 125-150 PSI.  It does indicate the amount of maximum air pressure the air tank will be in a position of handling.

Q. Can you add a tank to an air compressor?

Yes, it is possible to add another air tank. When you do add an air tank, the air compressor will run filling both tanks especially when the compressor is not in use. The air compressor will now be filling a bigger capacity.


The process of selecting the best portable air tank in the market is never easy since one has to consider several factors such as durability, maximum pressure, body, weight, and much more. It is essential that the product you settle on suits your choice and is within your set budget. We have compiled the best ten portable air tank for you. In case you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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