10 Best Pocket Hole Jig Review 2019

Best Pocket Hole Jig

It is widely accepted that drill remodelling and fixing are serious jobs to be left to their own fate by craftsmen. Trying to identify the best pocket hole jig is one of the most important tasks for persons that are constantly in construction workplaces and need all their tools to be maintained in perfect condition.

The pocket hole jigs are convenient devices that use electric energy to produce friction and repair all the damaged bits of your drills. They are widely portable to give you enough remote power to work in distant places. Their extreme ability to be lightweight offers you the chance to carry them alongside with you practically anywhere.

There is also a great debate about the usefulness of these tools. Most of the reviewers have ended up concluding that pocket hole jigs are practical and affordable solutions for the rapid maintenance of your drills giving you the chance to work even under the most adverse conditions.

It is important to realize the vast variety of pocket hole jigs and analyze the special benefits they can offer to you while being at your workplace. Brand names are here to ensure you get top quality products and it’s up to you to select the most suitable for your own case.

10 Best Pocket Hole Jig

1 Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig

Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig
573 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The front-mounted handle makes clamping easy.
  • There is also a ratcheting clamp mechanism to adjust without tools.
  • The storage wings provide built-in storage for bits and accessories and enhance the quality of the user’s experience.
  • The collection port for swivelling dust accepts any standard vacuum hose.
  • The adjustable workpiece stop mounts on either side for easy repeat drilling gives you higher quality standards.

An extra lightweight product being made from Kreg brand and being the one to give you more satisfaction for the time spent maintaining your drills. It has been one of the best pocket hole jig reviews since every single reviewer could not do anything else but give a positive critique about this little machine.

It features a front-mounted handle which makes clamping easy as well as a ratcheting clamp mechanism being adjusted without tools.

Great storage is provided by special wings placed for bits and accessories while swivelling dust collection port accepts any standard vacuum hose. Finally, there are adjustable workpiece stop mounts on either side for easy repeat drilling at any time.


PORTER-CABLE 560 QUIKJIG Pocket-Hole Joinery System
137 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • There is an automatic depth control system allows for easy set-up for different material thicknesses, great for carpenters.
  • The variable-spaced bushings allow a variety of positions for the pocket holes.
  • There is also a self-adjusting clamp that adjusts automatically to material thickness, important for workmen in a hurry.
  • Reliable structure that gives you the chance to work remote under any conditions.

This is the system with higher acceptance among the various users. Reviewers are regarding it as one of the best pocket hole jig ever presented to the public and that is why you would always pay more to have it in your own tool case.

The hole-joinery system comes in pocket size and is ideal for a variety of woodworking applications, the variable-spaced bushings allow for a variety of pocket-hole positions and the automatic depth-control system provides accuracy when working with different material thicknesses.

Additionally, there is an integrated drill-bit collar setup dot that does not require changes for different material thicknesses, while the removable dust port is compatible with Porter-Cable dust extractor or standard vacuum.

It is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee, a one-year free service contract, and a three-year limited warranty.

3 Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System

Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System
2,189 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • There is a pocket hole jig system for do-it-yourselfers helping them a lot.
  • This is easy to adjust for materials 1/2-Inch to 1-1/2-Inch being the majority.
  • The solid metal drill guide offers greater endurance.
  • The packet includes drill and drives bits, depth collar with a hex key, 5 sizes of pocket hole screws, clamp pad adapter, a case for convenient use.
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Kreg producer has been always been focusing on quality offering products that can serve the workmen and last longer than the competition average. This special edition is regarded to be one of the best Kreg jigs you can possibly find and order online for a variety of reasons.

It is described as one of the home improvement solutions necessary for any renovation. It is equipped with a hand clamp adaptor to be easily secured to your workpiece and has a special material thickness setting so that the device can practically handle anything.

4 Massca Twin Pocket Hole Jig

Massca Twin Pocket Hole Jig Set - Adjustable & Easy to...
110 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It offers simple operation to the users thanks to its magnetic quick-adjust base.
  • There is a quality design associated with the product making it safer to use.
  • Reliable construction is crucial to reassure you about the longevity of the product.
  • The jig can give you accurate results no matter what the wood size may be.

The Massca products are well appreciated by craftsmen and have recently received some of the most tempting critiques ever seen online. This particular edition is said to belong to the best pocket hole jig ever created and presented to the relevant public.

It gives you the chance to accept new projects and repairs with no hassle about the drills you are using. It works with different wood sizes giving you extra options. Finally, it can definitely make easier all your carpentry projects working fast with its magnetic quick set up system.

5 General Tools All-In-One Aluminum Pocket Hole Jig

General Tools 850 Heavy Duty, All-In-One Aluminum...
500 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The jig is easy to use with specific guidance for screwdrivers and screws to make your life easier.
  • It is largely versatile, built to be portable or bench mounted and designed with a built-in clamping system for enhances comfort.
  • It is highly accurate for use in creating special angles and hole joints as well as other demanding applications.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee and a special after-sales service that matters.

This is an innovative solution presented by General Tools, which are among the best manufacturers on a worldwide basis for tools that last longer and have lots of uses. This special series is believed to be among the best pocket screw jig creating a fuss around the net for being solid and durable under any circumstances.

This is a heavy-duty aluminium pocket hole-jig that gives you the chance to work remote in any possible workplace. It is perfect for screwing screws in tight places, making the corner, angle and flush joints as well as accepting workpieces up to 1.5-inch thick.

6 Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System

Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System and Kreg SK03...
984 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The products can recess to large clamping and be secured to your jig for extra comfort.
  • It is a great repair tool. The drill guide block doubles as a repair tool for all cases.
  • The jig is easy to use, requiring no glue, no complicated math, and no small army of clamps to get the job done.
  • The bundle is including the Kreg SK03 Pocket-Hole and the screw kit for better outcomes.

This is another Kreg device that gives its credentials to world users and accepts some of the best reviews that you can possibly find online. This latest gives you the confidence to purchase this jig no matter what.

It is extremely lightweight, giving you the chance to have it with you at all times. There is a solid structure having an extra anti-rust layer to give you easy working under adverse weather conditions. Finally, it has a special manual giving you all the instructions about how to use it in multiple carpentry applications.

7 NoCry Pocket Hole Jig System

NoCry Pocket Hole Jig System - 2-in-1 Jig and Dowel...
19 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It is a 2-in-1 jig consistently creating a precise pocket and doweling holes for super-strong, professional-looking wood joints.
  • The jig is made both for novice and professionals user having lots of videos to show you its use.
  • It can virtually make any type of hole rapidly giving you the chance to finish up your work quickly.
  • The safety profile is among the highest giving you protection against dust and debris.

The Nocry pieces of art are some of the most respected tools across the craftsmen community. While being easy to find they are reviewed as the best pocket hole jig ever entered the mass production lines.

It features an easy set up that can be done even by a novice user. It can also use all types of screws with the same ease. The jig is made of plastic and metal components giving greater stability and endurance no matter what.

8 Kreg MKJKIT Mini Kreg Jig Kit

Kreg MKJKIT Mini Kreg Jig Kit
780 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It can make pocket hole joinery work easier and faster.
  • There is a no-fence design makes up for easy positioning at all times.
  • The one-hole jig is great for furniture repairs or flooring work.
  • The jig Includes 3/8-inch step drill bit, depth collar, and Allen wrench all in one case for your ease.
  • It is handy for repair applications and space constricted areas giving you the chance to work practically anywhere.

Another great product by Kreg brand which ranks in the highest places of all times for tools being extra useful in carpentry. This edition gives you the chance to be more remote than ever before and the special features of the jig offer you the competitive advantage you need to be more successful than the average.

It offers you unlimited material thickness meaning that there is no limitation in the size of carpentry you may choose to work with. There is also a wood-chip release hole for better cleaning of the working surface. The plug-setting feature locks down the jig where you mostly need it and the hardened steel drill guides offer you precise pocket holes.

9 Armor Auto-Jig Pocket Hole System

Armor Auto-Jig Pocket Hole System
31 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It can be easily set-up in one step for your ease.
  • There is a fully automated system to clamp all kinds of wood with great precision.
  • There is a special colour technology applied to find always the right screw for the job.
  • It comes with all combined tools for greater independence when working.

This is the Armor Auto Jig system giving you enough room to work in an automatic base. This special series is believed to belong among the best pocket hole jig ever presented to the public and making a difference with its unique features.

This perfect jig has completely reshaped the market of pocket hole joinery and the way you make pocket holes in your shop. The fully automated system self-adjusts your drill guide setting and drill bit collar based on the thickness of the piece you’re clamping (see video for demonstration). No more manual setting, measuring, or adjusting.

Finally, all features are self-contained in this system: self-adjusting drill guide block, self-adjusting drill bit and collar, auto-adjusting clamp, and dust collection port. The jig is set to the perfect height to allow standard 2×4’s as extension wings and it can easily be affixed to any surface for a more permanent work station.

10 Kreg Tool Company KJHD Jig Hd

Kreg Jig HD
312 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • It is designed with the same tried-and-true efficient design and hardened steel drill guides for great endurance.
  • Best to perform framing walls, building deck railings, backyard furniture, fences, benches and other precision requiring tasks.
  • The Kreg Jig HD is optimized for working with 2x4’s and larger stock for extra liberty in use.
  • It comes in a stylish blue colour being lovable among the craftsmen.

Last but not least, another superb Kreg Tool that gives you all the quality you need for a perfect pocket jig. This tool can give you remote access to workplaces and is lightweight enough for you to carry it with you at all times.

It has a special handle to give you a better grip when using it and is perfectly balanced to makes it through rough and uneven terrains.

It is perfect for all kinds of carpentry tasks and can be a lifetime companion in producing quality work for any kind of drilling job.

Awesome List of 10 Best Pocket Hole Jig


Now that you have run through all the different products it may be easier to find the best pocket hole jig that better serves your needs. Make sure you buy the one being closer to your personal aspirations and choose according to the special features offered to you. Lifetime guarantee and durability are the irreplaceable advantages of these tools and you should not abolish them at any time.

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