10 Best Nail Puller Reviews

Are you shopping for the best nail puller in the market? There are different types of nail pullers currently available in the market. This has made it difficult for one to choose which suits him best.  This is what prompted us to come up with the top 10 best nail pullers in the market review.

We did arrive on our list after conducting in-depth research on 25 nail pullers, consulted four professionals, and read through customers’ reviews seeking their opinion on different products.

What Is a Nail Puller?

Nail puller refers to a creative piece of equipment that meant for pulling out of nails causing no or little damage to the nail and the furniture.

However, you will need to be very cautious when using the nail puller to ensure your nail does not break or bend.  Instead of leaving big holes, it only leaves a small hole.

Some people use a hammer in pulling out the nails. However, it is only possible for open to use a hammer in situations where the nail is over the surface.  This makes the nail puller to be the best choice when it comes to pulling out of nails.

Which Nail Puller is Right for You?

You can only determine which nail puller is best when you consider its functionality in relation to the project you have.  You should always look for the qualities and features you need before narrowing down to the cost.

How Does a Nail Puller Work?

Nail pullers do come with two sharp jaws that hit on the wood. They pierce the wood gripping on the nail head.  Here is a 3 stage process on how the nail puller operates:

Step 1: Ensure you firmly clamp the furniture down.  However, if the furniture is unmovable, ignore this step.

Ste 2: Have the claw of the nail puller set close to the wood to offer strength that will enable you to move the nail.

Consider using a hammer to help hit the puller deeper into the wood.

Step 3: Pull the nail back. In case you are not able to part it, consider repeating step 2.

10 Best Nail Puller

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1. Air Locker AP700 Nail Puller

[amazon box=”B003X2QM3G”]

Air Locker AP700 was specifically made to ensure nails easily removed without causing any form of damage to the wood. Just as its name suggests, the Air Locker AP700 makes use of air pressure that helps in pushing of nails to the next side.

This slide hammer nail puller comes with ¼ inch inlet and functions at 80-120 PSI pressure. The nail size it can remove does range from 10 to 20 gauge.  The amount of power it can hold is one of the reasons why most people do consider Air Locker AP700 as a valuable addition to your tools.

Made using a full cast aluminum body makes it lightweight hence, easy to use.  The body of this nail puller made using durable metal, which is capable of withstanding most of the tasks it handles. The handles of Air Locker AP700 made of rubber, which ensures easy protection and grip of the hands.



  • A very compact nail puller
  • Made of high-quality material which makes it durable
  • Can work with both soft and hardwoods
  • Saves lots of time whenever you are removing nails
  • Very powerful


  • Nails can easily get stuck in the plunger.
  • A bit expensive

[amazon link=”B003X2QM3G” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

2. Crescent NP11 – Nail Puller Tool

[amazon box=”B008NM6VAA”]

The Crescent NP11 is widely known to be a compact and much smaller nail puller as it measures 11”. This nail puller made using steel, making it durable and sturdy. Most people do prefer using it since it can last for a pretty long time in any environment.

The Crescent NP11 comes with two handles that make the entire process simple and easy since one can roll, grip, and remove nails without extra support.

People can easily extract the nails thanks to the high grip it offers. The high quality grip also makes it possible for people to remove the nails without considering the nail size of the level of damage as it is adaptable in any form of situation.

When using the Crescent NP11, the hands are always kept free from sores since the handles are well covered using rubber grips which ensure they offer comfort.  However, one will have to apply lots of force after they have gripped the nail in order to remove nails.  The high amount of force one has to apply is due to the small size of the Crescent NP11.



  • A very compact nail puller
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Very safe on the wood
  • Not restricted to any nail size
  • Has lots of grips


  • Can easily bend the nails
  • Does not have enough leverage

[amazon link=”B008NM6VAA” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

3. Estwing DEP12 Nail Removal Tool

[amazon box=”B0015YPJMY”]

Are you shopping for a durable yet simple nail puller in the market? Then Estwing DEP12 Nail Puller is the best option for you. This nail removal tool is made using steel which makes it durable and sturdy. This feature enables one to use it in any type of environment thereby ensuring one can use it from any place and for a long period of time.

The Estwing DEP12 Nail Puller is made using an elongated design which enables it to have more leverage for you whenever you are working.  Using this nail puller makes the process of removing nail effortless since one will have to use less amount of force.

The Estwing DEP12 heads are well rounded which increases the torque level and makes work very easy.  This tool also comes with claws on both of its ends which makes the gadget more adaptable.

The claws are well wedged on one end making a digger that can dig into the woods and get to the nails. The other end is made up of a slender straight claw which holds onto any nail that is exposed.



  • A very durable nail puller
  • Offers more leverage
  • Very slim which makes it fit in tight place
  • Made using elongated design
  • One uses less force amount


  • Can easily damage the wood
  • Not good for long nails

[amazon link=”B0015YPJMY” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

4. Stanley FMHT55008 Fat Max Puller

[amazon box=”B01FQLZTNK”]

Are you interested in a tiny nail puller that is capable of delivering high performance whenever you are pulling or prying nails from the wood? Then think of non-other than the Stanley FMHT55008.

This nail remover tool is made using steel of high carbon spring which makes it durable and strong. Most people are said to prefer using Stanley FMHT55008 since it has been tempered and treated with heat making it suitable for handling heavy duty tasks.  With this, one is set to enjoy a great service for a long period of time.

The Stanley FMHT55008 claw edges are well polished enabling it to offer great penetration during prying.   The striking surface is flat which enables the claws to get deeper and reach the nails that have been entrenched.

The bar does have a strong grip that is comfortable and capable of holding and protecting one from the metal bar. The grip does help in offering insulation against harsh weather conditions.



  • Very easy to use
  • Compact making it portable
  • Made using ergonomic design
  • Capable of removing the headless nails
  • Very durable


  • Can have claws that are not even
  • Only suitable for the smaller nails

[amazon link=”B01FQLZTNK” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

5. Shark CORP 21-2028 – Best Nail Remover Tool

[amazon box=”B0000224UW”]

The Shark CORP 21-2028 is among the best performing nail pullers currently available in the market. This nail puller consists of steel allow that is well hardened which ensures it can last for a longer period of time.

The puller is made using steel which is well hardened ensuring that it does not easily bend or chip whenever you are removing the tougher nails.  Measuring 11 inches, the puller offers sufficient leverage that enables him or her to pull both small and medium nails without using lots of effort.

This best nail puller also comes with heads that are rounded that help in offering more torque which makes the process of nail removal easier and faster.

The Shark CORP 21-2028 nail puller does come with sharp claws which can grip on the headless and embedded nails making it versatile in a harsh environment.



  • It is a very durable and sturdy nail puller
  • Compact and lightweight which ensures it is portable
  • Very easy to use
  • Perfect for use on small and embedded nails
  • One does not have to use lots of effort to remove nails


  • Lacks rubber grip
  • There is less leverage especially for long nails

[amazon link=”B0000224UW” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

6. 3PLUS HAPT50SP – Best Electric Nail Puller

[amazon box=”B07HGYZ1VV”]

The 3PLUS HAPT50SP Nail Puller is one of the top nail pullers in the market. Despite not being common among most people, this tool is of top quality and does work very well.

Compared to the conventional types of nail pullers, the 3PLUS HAPT50SP Nail Puller usually pulls out nails by pushing them onto the other pallet, case or wood board side.  This best nail puller is usually achieved by the use of air that has been pressurized that is very strong. This makes this nail puller a strong and powerful nail removal tool.

Made using die-cast aluminum, this nail puller tends to be light in weight which ensures it is easy to use. The materials used in making this puller are also sturdy and durable which ensures it can withstand the harsh working conditions.

3PLUS HAPT50SP Nail Puller comes with an elongated and slim nose which ensures it can easily get to the places that are hard to reach.  Most people do consider this equipment as one of the most versatile as it is very easy to adapt to.  The nose size and power enables this puller to be able to remove nails ranging from 10 to 20 gauge.



  • Comes with a rubberized grip
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Very versatile nail puller
  • Powerful making it possible to remove strong nails


  • Does leak air
  • Quite expensive

[amazon link=”B07HGYZ1VV” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

7. EX9CL Dead – Best Tool for Pulling Nails

[amazon box=”B002H1FR1W”]

The EX9CL Dead on Tools is a renowned nail puller which has been in the market for quite some time. This puller consists of unique features that are hardly found on other types of nail pullers in the market. This explains why most of people do prefer using the EX9CL Dead on Tools.

These nail puller pliers is known to be a very strong nail puller thanks to its durable material that is capable of withstanding tough nails.   Being resilient in construction and sturdy makes it a great nail puller for experts who are always in need of frequent use of the pullers.

Measuring 10 5/8 inches, this nail puller is very suitable when it comes to pulling nails measuring up to 3” long. The claws of EX9CL Dead on Tools are capable of digging and getting to nails that are deeply fixed. They are petty slender making them great for use on spots that are difficult to reach.

The EX9CL Dead on Tools is made of extra features such as nail pick on the side and a circular saw wrench that are a great addition to any tool box.



  • Excellent for tight spaces
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with excellent and unique features
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Lack leverage for the bigger nails
  • Needs lots of maintenance

[amazon link=”B002H1FR1W” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

8. Bushnell 4320 & Vaughan Nail Puller Pliers

[amazon box=”B00TMD99H6″]

Despite being not that popular in the nail pullers world, the Bushnell 4320 & Vaughan are very top quality nail pullers in the market which most people do look down upon.

This nail puller is made with durability and precision in mind which makes it a top quality nail puller.  Made using tempered and forged steel, the Bushnell 4320 & Vaughan is best suitable for handling heavy duty projects.

The machine is made using lightweight materials which makes it very easy to carry around. Measuring 14” long offers users sufficient leverage even to those people who will be working on the longer nails. The Bushnell 4320 & Vaughan are well rounded making them favorable to the user’s hands whenever they are pulling the nails.

This best nail remover tool does have a slender claw that makes it possible for one to slide below the nails without damaging the woods.  This Bushnell 4320 & Vaughan bar is made using chrome finish that offers resistance to chipping and corrosion making it great for professionals to use it for a longer time.



  • Very light and compact hence easy to move around with
  • Offers enough leverage
  • Comes with chrome finish
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Have slender claws


  • There are times when it cannot grip nails that are headless
  • Can easily bend the nails

[amazon link=”B00TMD99H6″ title=”Check Latest Price” /]

9. Stiletto TICLW12 Nail Pullers

[amazon box=”B0000T4VAG”]

Are you shopping for a light yet strong nail puller in the market? Then the Stiletto TICLW12 is the perfect choice for you.

This crescent nail puller is made using titanium which is well known for being among the strongest yet lightest materials around making it a perfect nail puller for handing heavy duty and harsh projects. The titanium used in making Stiletto TICLW12 is also capable of absorbing shock hence helps in reducing the vibration intensity that gets to your hands.

Measuring 11.5 inches makes Stiletto TICLW12 have a good length that offers great leverage. This ensures one has an easy time when removing the nails. Its bar is made of round edges which makes it very easy on the hands and offers comfort whenever one is using it.

Despite being made using titanium which is strong, its claws are strong and slender ensuring they can easily get below the nails without damaging the wood.



  • Offers great leverage
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Very compact and light
  • Made using shock absorbent material
  • Comprises of a nail expose


  • Can easily bend nails
  • Quite expensive

[amazon link=”B0000T4VAG” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

10. Crescent 56 Nail Puller

[amazon box=”B00002N7SD”]

Are you in need of a long nail puller? When not go for the Crescent 56! This Crescent 56 measures 18 inches long which makes is one of the longest nail pullers in our list of best nail pullers in the market.

Having such a length does ensure one has enough leverage whenever they are pulling nails out.   For sure, you will always feel comfortable and incredible as you will be using a minimal amount of force to pull out the nails.

The Crescent 56 comes with a tempered and forged jaw which makes it resistant to chipping and can easily fit on the projects that are quite demanding.  This nail extractor also comes with a round handle which makes it comfortable for one to hold as it is very easy on the users’ hands.

However, due to its big size, fitting in tight spots is a bit difficult. This restricts it for use on open surfaces only.  The Crescent 56 jaw is adjustable something that makes it great for a wide range of nails.



  • Offers great leverage
  • Can easily remove the headless nails
  • Cannot bend the nails
  • Comes with an adjustable jaw
  • Has a round handle making it easy to use


  • Quality is a bit inconsistent
  • Quite heavy

[amazon link=”B00002N7SD” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

Criteria To Use When Buying Nail Puller

There are a number of factors you need to consider when shopping for the best nail puller in the market. Below are some of the most important factors one needs to consider.

Power of Nail Removing

Before you purchase a nail puller, you have to know about the nail removing power.  It is advisable that you make a decision on the amount of power you require before making any purchase. Different types of nail pullers do have different nail removal power.

There are pullers which can confidently dig deep into the wood to pull out a nail while others can only work after some form of clearance has been made.

Nail Puller Length

Length is an important factor which most people do assume. The longer the puller, the more leverage it will be when pulling out the nail.  This means that one needs to check on a nail puller whose length will offer him or her more leverage in relation to the type and amount of nails to be removed.


In case your main aim will be to pull out nails in clear spaces, it is highly recommended that you get nail removing tools with a long handle. This is because the puller will be in a position of turning a small amount of power into more action.

However, in case you will be working on tight spots, consider buying pullers with small handles as they fit such situations well.


The nail puller price is one of the most important factors.  Never settle on a nail puller which you cannot afford.  You will be w wasting your time and effort trying to get a product that you will not buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you get rid of sunken nails?

You can easily remove a nail that has sunk using a cat paw pry bar.  This bar comes with claws that pointed, which you can drive into the wood next to the nail using a hammer.  After the claw gets hooked around the nail, you can pull back, removing the nail in the process.

Q. How do you use a cat’s paw nail puller?

For using the cat’s paw nail puller, you have to hold the shank using one hand and drive the claw around the nail head using a hammer.

Q. Does the length of a nail puller matter?

The length matters a lot!  The nail puller size is what determines the level of leverage one will get. Leverage is of great benefit since it determines the amount of force one can use in removing nails. Longer pullers do offer more advantage.

Q. Can I use traditional claw as an alternative to nail pullers?

In case you are not interested in recycling your materials, you can always consider investing in a traditional claw hammer. You need to note that it can cause lots of damage and will take more time to remove the nail pullers.

Q. What is a nail exposer?

This refers to the extra feature, which also added to a nail puller. It does dig around the nail, exposing it without causing lots of damage to the wood.  You need to consider the nail exposer when you will be recycling your material


We do have that our top 10 best nail pullers review has been of great help to you.  The best nail puller is of great importance as it offers you a safe way of removing nails that are misplaced. However, each nail puller does have its pros and cons; hence, you need to exercise lots of caution when shopping for one.

It is always advisable that you go for a versatile nail puller since it can easily adapt to different situations and projects.

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