10 Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviewed for 2019

Best Hybrid Table Saw

Nowadays, carpenters and craftsmen around the world are looking for precise cuts since the cost of the materials is constantly going upwards. The best hybrid table saw still remains a challenging issue that has many factors to address in terms of quality and price.

Most of the hybrid table saws are solid structures that can give a lot of power to the user and make the cuts an easy task. On the other hand, they may impose barriers to many professionals since they need more vacant space in their laboratories.

This is why you should be constantly looking for the latest trends in hybrid table saw technology. Brand name manufacturers are trying to minimize the sizes of the table saws in order to be able to fit in every possible room and to disassemble to separate pieces in an easy and affordable way.

The structure and the stability of the table saws is a crucial factor for their longevity and endurance. It would be useful if you followed this review to see all the present hybrid table saws that are available online and make your decision to purchase the one that is closer to your individual needs and tastes.

10 Best Hybrid Table Saw

1 Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw

This is the number one table saw that leads the way among the competition. Listed as the hybrid table saws with the best abilities in the market you should carefully check all its benefits.

It has a precision-cut and polished cast iron table and wings to give stability to the user. The massive cast iron trunnions are there to ensure quality while the powder coated paint gives more style to your workplace.

The magnetic switch has thermal overload protection to avoid any accidents.


  • Item shipped in a box and sold separately.
  • Precision ground polished cast iron gives you style.
  • Quick release knife for better precision.
  • Extension of the working surface is a plus.
  • Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection.


  • Time consuming changing mechanism.
  • Thermal induction is a real problem.

2 LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V

The LAGUNA TOOLS are among the most desired table saws that you could possibly purchase online. They are considered to be some of the best hybrid table saw existing in the market.

This table saw features a dustless cabinet design that protects the user from breathing the particles of wood cutting. There is also a mobility kit available to move the saw anywhere in the workplace. In case you need to change the blade there is a special wrench to use.

The thermal overload can be easily overridden with the special reset button that is one of its kind.


  • Motor has many gears and phases to act quickly.
  • Cabinet is designed to have dustless appearance.
  • Riving knife has a fast release for better results.
  • LED lighting is applied on the working surface.
  • Mobility kit is built in for great remote use.


  • Metals can easily rust with time.
  • Energy consuming machine.

3 Shop Fox Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

The Shop Fox company has a long tradition in creating table saws that are gathering all the benefits that a carpenter is looking for. Belonging to the list of the hybrid table saw that are most desirable from professionals it has some special characteristics that differ from all others.

It has an Enclosed cabinet bottom with 4″ dust port for comfortable cutting. There is a precision-ground cast iron table witch measures: 40-1/4″ x 27″ and is the longer of the category. Besides, the lift-off precision fence with front/rear locking ability is unique among the other table saws.


  • Cabinet bottom in enclosed for better results.
  • Motor can work both in AC and DC currency.
  • Rear and front locking ability is great for your safety.
  • Rip capacity is among the greatest in the industry.
  • Metal parts are locked to the ground for better standing.


  • More room is needed for this tool to be developed.
  • Manual mechanisms may interfere with younger craftsmen.

4 Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

The Grizzly company keeps on creating quality products for carpenters and other professionals. This device is by far the best hybrid table saw that you can purchase online and invest only minimal funds to acquire it.

It has a powerful motor that can cut virtually anything. The table sizes are among the largest in the category aiding the cutting effort of the user. There is a T-slot miter gauge that can support the simultaneous cut of various materials with minimal effort.

The powder coated paint gives more style to the user and the quick release riving knife can make the difference in the quality of the cut.


  • Arbor speed gives a maximum capacity level for great productivity.
  • Motor is brushless for smooth functioning.
  • Laser cuts are applied with a smart software system.
  • LED indicators in the front panel and lights give you extra care.
  • Table height is adjustable to fit all craftsmen.


  • There is no battery to support remote use.
  • Cuts are not as deep as the competition.

5 Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser

When talking about table saws there is no way you could possibly omit this great tool. Considered to be among the best hybrid table saw this unique device can guarantee your success in fine craftsmanship.

The Rockwell table saw has an exclusive laser indicator that adjusts the blade automatically for a more precise cut. Besides, the existence of a fold out fence for maximum rip capacity and extra wide cuts is all you need to feel more confident at work. The option of a fully assembled trolley stand gives increased portability of the saw.

Finally, the quick folding stand and wheels contribute to the goal of quicker transportation that is needed nowadays.


  • Heavy duty iron cast body gives you great safety.
  • Most cutting depth in its class.
  • Excessive laser indicator and progressive lighting on the cutting surface.
  • Trolley is fully assembled to provide extra mobility.
  • Folding fence is applied for extra wide cuts.


  • Support is needed frequently by the service personnel.
  • Spare parts are difficult to find and purchase.

6 Jet Proshop Tablesaw with Wings and Riving Knife

This is by far the most innovative table saw that you can encounter while searching for a new one online. It can be categorized as the best hybrid table saw for the money since you are paying less to get a lot more.

It has an ample wide table top that can fit all the materials that need to be cut. The power supply is among the less energy consuming you could possibly find online. There is also a great safety profile featuring longer supportive caps to hide the blades.

All the possible services, oil changes, and blades removal are done using a single wrench which adds on to the comfort of the user.


  • One of the widest cutting surfaces of the category.
  • Metal and plastic parts for lightweight design.
  • Can use either 110 or 220 voltage to fit in all continents.
  • Iron cast and stainless-steel parts add on to the longevity.
  • Rubber leg caps are capable to absorb all vibrations.


  • Iron may rust when working outdoors.
  • Cable cords are not well insulated by the factory.

7 DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw

A widely different table saw for people that have various needs for cutting materials in a swift and precise way. Being one of the best budget hybrid table saw the DEWAULT machine is by far the one that offers the most benefits to the user.

It has a powerful 15 amp, the high-torque motor delivers the no-load speed of 3,850 rpm which is crucial for the perfect cut. The quick, tool-free adjustments with Site-Pro Modular Guarding System is giving more safety to the user. There are telescoping fence rails to prevent accidents and the dust-collection port for fast clean up after a long time of use.

Finally, the three-year limited warranty, one-year free service, and 90-day money-back guarantee are among the most useful characteristics of the product.


  • Premium cutting surface for expert cutting.
  • Foldable mechanism that you can easily take with you.
  • Blade can be removed with a single wrench.
  • Fence system is another crucial safety measure.
  • Front panel has LED indicators for better use.


  • Energy consuming device.
  • Non-refundable service manuals.

8 Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw

The one and only table saw that shows great signs of portability across the workplace. It can be said to be one of the best hybrid table saw since you don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase it and can stay with you for a longer period.

It is widely portable giving you the chance to take it with you in your next workplace. Efficiency is the word that characterizes its daily use since it provides accurate cutting even when working in the one-handed mode.

It has greater capacity than its competitors and the precision associated with its cuts reaches outstanding levels, by exploiting all the massive motor power that it has.


  • Portability is great due to the wheel system.
  • Legs are easily set up using the iron cast metal skeleton.
  • LED lighting is applied all times when working.
  • Exhaust system keeps protecting the motor cap.
  • Electric cords are adequately protected and insulated.


  • You can’t switch from AC to DC.
  • Cutting surface needs refurbishing after long time use.

9 SKILSAW SPT70WT Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

Finally, this is the SKILSAW model that has been presented to cover the gap between the large-scale table saws and the portable ones. It could be considered to be among the hybrid table saws that make a difference in a craftsman everyday life.

Its structure is more solid than ever before giving extra grip to the people that are working with it. The enhanced portability doesn’t interfere with its capacity to precise cut multiple materials at the same time.

The laser pointing blade is one of SKILSAW innovations that add on to the professional look of the table saw.


  • Compact size fits to all workplaces.
  • Normal energy consumption adds on to the ecological movement.
  • Motor has brushless function for great longevity.
  • Anti-debris motor cap is applied.
  • Thermal diffusion is among the best in class.


  • Legs are made of less quality iron cast that may easily corrode.
  • Machine has no waterproof abilities.

10 Makita 2705X1 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

The Makita company has made its miracle again giving to the public this extravagant table saw that covers all the needs of a modern professional. It is listed in the category of the best hybrid table saw under 1000 since you can find adequate discounts when seeking to buy it online.

It features greater portability than its competitors with great wheels keeping it stable against all opposite forces. The cutting area is automatically cleaned and can be used for plotting the cutting line for enhanced precision.

The safety of the user is guaranteed by the maximum cutting caps that are covering the blades at all times making it impossible for the accident to happen.


  • World famous brand for all craftsmen.
  • Tool-less function.
  • You need only one wrench to disassemble.
  • Power cords are longest in category.
  • Side guards are adjustable for your own safety.


  • Rubber handles usually wear off with time.
  • No anti-vibration system after impacts is applied.

Awesome List of 10 Best Hybrid Table Saw


Most of the best hybrid table saw that feature a hybrid character are used by professionals worldwide to perform various complex cuts in special materials. The tabletops that match your needs that can be easily portable and have the maximum safety for the user. Make sure you make the right decision.

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