10 Best Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

Nowadays, there has been noticed a great debate about the usefulness of refurbished tools that seem to be more economical in daily use and still have lots of advantages when keeping their original features. Today in this article, I will provide you all the information which is needed before buying the best electric drill bit sharpener.

The drill bit sharpener has been the tool to make the drill work again by fixing its edges and spirals to have enormous power when entering raw materials. Giving new extended life to older drills may sound like an easy job, but it certainly has its secrets. First, the drill needs to be maintained in great condition with special anti-rust protection to offer them durability.

Let’s take a look at the most reliable drill bit sharpeners available online which offer you quality working hours every time you use them.

10 Best Electric Drill Bit Sharpener Review 2020

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1 Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener – Best Overall

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This is one of the most amazing machines helping you to extend the life cycle of your drills. If can multiple sharp types of drill bits.

It can easily sharpen, split, and align your drill easily and in less amount of time compared to the past. There are three easy steps to ensure bits are sharp and active since the whole machine set up to provide versatility and flexibility to the user.

Finally, it features a professional design and construction for extra durability, which is the most desired characteristic of modern drill bit sharpeners.



  • It can handle more significant bits.
  • It has a stable part to stand on decks.
  • Great guarantee offers.
  • The handle is always solid and working.
  • The motor works in high RPM for superb abilities.


  • Energy consuming device.
  • Little bit expensive

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2 General Tools 825 – Best Cheap Drill Bit Sharpener

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General Tools has finally brought the revolution to the sector of fine drilling and restoration since it has been presenting some quality tools lately. It is one of the best electric drill bit sharpener, which has some unique differentiation.

The machine is easily restoring the life of your drills by sharpening them back to factory tolerances. There is also an angle adjustment gauge offering you the chance to match the point angle of approximately any bit, and it’s working on countersinks as well.

It designed with a pivoted neck for simple grinding of both sides of the bit. Finally, it is approved for safe use by all the accreditation authorities and gives you enhanced security profile when performing the drilling restoration process.



  • Has a special program to sharpen your bits to factory requirements.
  • Modern software makes all automated.
  • A pivoting neck is always sharpening both sides with comfort.
  • You can use it at home or in the workshop.
  • There is an angle adjustment gauge to match all sharpening points.


  • Large devices cannot be easily moved.
  • The power cord is not long enough to give it remote action.

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3 Tormek DBS-22 Drill Bit Sharpeners

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The legendary Drill Bit tools are here to conquer the market with premium durability features to all craftsmen.

It is made of cast-iron parts and is extremely lightweight, giving you the chance to relocate it frequently around the workplace. The thermal load easily overturned for the premium safety and comfort of the user. It can work in multiple power voltages, offering you a universal character that is unique among the competition.

Finally, this is the sharpener with the most angles to adjust to the special bits of your drill and customize the effort to each different tool.



  • It can sharpen all kinds of drill bits.
  • A 4-facet point gives you accurate sharpening.
  • It can sharpen all points of angles at your ease.
  • The optimal clearance angle is among the biggest on the market.
  • A stainless steel body cannot corrode or rust.


  • The guarantee is limited to 2 years.
  • There is no alternative power source.

[amazon link=”B004AYCXVG” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

4 Drill Doctor 500x Drill Bit Sharpener

[amazon box=”B000BKUY1O” ]

Drill Doctor has been a one of a kind manufacturer giving only quality products to the user and being known for its great after-sales service. This is the tool that is the best electric drill bit sharpener and well-reputable for its consistency and improved ability to sharpen all kinds of drills at the least time.

It has a special anti-debris shield to make sure the small particles coming from the drill sharpening never reach the motor for enhanced durability. The sharpener also features some great rubber handles that make it easier to carry it with you when needed. The device is compatible with working both indoors and outdoors, being made of special anti-rust metal alloys.

Finally, the safety of the user is also enhanced using an improved emergency stopping level that practically holds the motor still anytime there is a perpetual situation going on.



  • All range of bits can be sharpened.
  • Angles easily adjusted with one single button.
  • The base of the machine does not send a vibration to the decks.
  • Its motor is less energy-consuming.
  • A custom blow molded case is there to carry it with you.


  • Batteries are not included in the package.
  • Plastic components are vulnerable to breaking.

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5 Woodstock D4144 Drill Bit Sharpener

[amazon box=”B005W17DY8″ ]

It has a special aerodynamic shape to help you work virtually in any workplace, no matter how narrow it may be. The motor is powerful, giving you extra torque to sharpen any kind of drill coming to your premises.

Finally, it is durably made of iron-cast and can handle all length types of drills to match the needs of an increased population.



  • Can sharpen all types of drill bits.
  • The longer cord gives you space for remote use.
  • There is also a rubber handle to keep a good grip on it.
  • Iron cast body does not show signs of corrosion with time.
  • The safety level is always on to give you the best use.


  • Heavyweight can’t be easily moved.
  • A metal body can easily rust if you leave it outside.

[amazon link=”B005W17DY8″ title=”Check Latest Price” /]

6 Grizzly G1081 Drill Bit Sharpening Tool

[amazon box=”B0000DD0D6″ ]

Grizzly is the most durable tool provider company on the market. That is why, more frequently now, users from around the globe are consistently trying to locate and purchase its products.

First, it made of extra lightweight material making it easy for you to relocate it. The motor is using electric power that can be easily be given by the extra-long cord that also provided. The inner parts are made of stainless-steel to point out the quality of sharpening now matter the level of deformation of the current drills.



  • The low weight makes your life easier.
  • High RMP motor can sharpen every possible bit.
  • Metal and plastic parts are there to give you comfort.
  • The thermal induction of the motor can add longevity.
  • A panic button is always on for your safety.


  • Screws are not always good for bending.
  • There is great uncertainty of the device stability.

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7 Tharv Diamond Drill Bit Sharpening Tool

[amazon box=”B07Q8RLWQ3″ ]

This is the most basic sharpener that you can find online. It is made of plastic and metal components and can be carried with you at all times since it has minimal weight. The metal structure can be easily adjusted to any existing drill and use its rotating energy to sharpen the drill bits.

Its variations are enormous. You can fit from small drills to larger ones with the same ease and preciseness. Not to mention that it comes in many colors to match any individual taste or need.



  • Perfect color matches all workplaces.
  • Metal parts are rust and corrosion-free.
  • Plastic parts are giving you more comfort and reduce the total weight.
  • Less energy consuming motor.


  • Thermal shock can happen to motor after hours of use.
  • There is no anti-debris mechanism.

[amazon link=”B07Q8RLWQ3″ title=”Check Latest Price” /]

8 Drill Doctor DD350X 350X Drill Bit Sharpener

[amazon box=”B00D3NM3VU” ]

It can sharpen virtually any type of drill and can give more angles to catch all different kinds of bits existing on it. It is also made of premium quality cast-iron to provide a lot of endurance and thermal resistance to the motor, making sure that the machine is going to stay by your side for a more extended period.

Overall it is another best electric drill bit sharpener on our valuable list for use with wood and light metals.


  • Professional design for extra durability.
  • Iron cast body gives you extra strength.
  • All possible bits are sharpened to perfection.
  • The motor can have high RPM with no overheating.
  • A plastic cap is covering the working surface.


  • It may be tricky to set according to some reviewers.
  • The price may seem expensive.

[amazon link=”B00D3NM3VU” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

9 Drill Bit Sharpener

[amazon box=”B00IBNNCHQ” ]

This is the simplest model of the sharpener that you could purchase. It is widely available online and in physical stores and can give you rapid results when you are in a hurry to perform drilling again.

Not being a professional companion, this tool is made of quality plastic materials and can easily restore all kinds of drills when you cannot stop your job to go to a professional drill bit sharpener.



  • Very lightweight can be brought with you.
  • The perfect color matches all places.
  • A good power drill is giving you more hands.
  • There is an angle stop in 60 degrees.
  • The power drill operating in high RPM is always better.


  • The primary structure is not suitable for all bits.

[amazon link=”B00IBNNCHQ” title=”Check Latest Price” /]

10 DAREX Drill Bit Sharpener

[amazon box=”B00099E1ZW” ]

This is one of the best drill bit sharpeners from DAREX company for professionals. It provides high-performance split point drills.

The cast-iron body of the machine gives unique durability to the sharpener. Not to mention that it can handle all types of drills and can fix all their bits in a matter of minutes.



  • Includes an adjustable split-point feature and relief control for greater point style variation
  • Recommended for light-duty – 35-50 drills per week
  • Comes standard with Borazon wheel for HSS and cobalt drill bits
  • Optional diamond wheels for carbide bits sold separately


  • Spare parts cannot be easily imported.
  • Maintenance needed in infrequent times.

[amazon link=”B00099E1ZW” title=”Check Latest Price” /]


Now that you are aware of all the various models, it is time to decide which one is the best electric drill bit sharpener for your own business. If you are unsure till now, then I think Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener will be best for you.

I hope this article helps you and also helps you to choose the best product before making a purchase.

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