10 Best Drill Press for Woodworking Reviews 2019

Best Drill Press for Woodworking Reviews

One of the highest technology machines that have been revolutionary for the wood workers industry has been the drill press. The research to find the best drill press for woodworking could be painful but you will ultimately have the joy to find the machine which better meets your needs and tastes at work.

The drill press is a powerful machine used to perform high-quality holes in wooden parts of your choice. It is actually the one that can easily isolate and hold the wooden part and adjust the available width of the hole to be identical with the other ones. No regular saw can do such good quality work as a drill press.

In addition, the wider use of drill press in professional life has introduced improved safety to the wood workers. There is no need to have multiple persons holding a wooden part since the drill press is here to do that job rapidly and precisely. Not to mention, that drill presses are versatile tools accepting various discs or spindle sanders on them to perform the right type of cut needed every time.

It is high time you took a glance at the most famous drill presses presented by manufacturers across the world.

10 Best Drill Press for Woodworking

1 WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press

This is the drill press coming from the well-known WEN company that creates multiple saws machines for intense use. This particular series is considered to be among the best benchtop drill press for woodworking, gathering all the qualities you are looking for from a device like that.

This WEN drill press can limit the space needed on your workbench giving you more flexibility. You can also drill up to ½ inch hole in heavy-duty cast iron which is exceptional. There is also a locking depth adjustment where you can set the knobs to limit the spindle travel for higher precision cuts.

Finally, there is a smart onboard key storage placing the chuck key attached to the drill being there whenever you need it.


  • Never breaking down with solid body technology.
  • Iron cast is rust free no matter what the conditions.
  • Motor has a brushless function for smooth operation.
  • High enough to accommodate all sizes of objects.
  • Great performance against the competition.


  • Power cord needs constant maintenance.
  • No room for the toolbox

2 SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

The SKIL drill press has been always famous for the extreme quality tools delivering to the public. This special series is said to be among the best drill press for woodworking giving you the chance to deliver quality work with less effort.

First, there is the laser beam which helps to ensure the precise hole alignment which is of crucial importance for detailed cut work. Then, the depth adjustment system is always there to give you enough choices for precision depth holes in your wooden parts. There is also a five-speed cut holes system can cut holes through a variety of materials like wood, metal and plastic.

Finally, the tilting of the work surface to nearly 45 degrees angle can offer you precise cuts in all available operations.


  • A drill press is working in high RPM.
  • Safety button always on to give you security.
  • Running belt can be easily removed and changed.
  • Single wrench technology.
  • Laser beam for precise hole alignment.


  • Very energy-consuming.
  • Moderate quality on drilling.

3 Shop Fox W1668 Bench-Top Oscillating Drill Press

This is the drill press of choice for carpenters and technicians in need of special precision and quality in their work. The Shop Fox has a long tradition in delivering high-quality products to the public and this particular series has been reviewed as one of the best bench drill press for woodworking ever seen in the online market.

This drill press is featuring an oscillating sander which you can use for efficient contour sanding. Also, the table has a clearance hole for use while sanding. As a result, the clever design of this drill incorporates a dust collection port so that your sanding jobs are less messy and there is adequate protection of the motor from debris.


  • Larger drill chuck to ensure all drill bit fit.
  • Powerful motor can give you extra torque when needed.
  • The swinging mode is helping you fix the angles.
  • Sander drum kit offers you precision work.
  • Stable legs are there for your safety.


  • Spare parts are not easily available.
  • Less affordable than competitors.

4 Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press by Craftsman

The Craftsman drill press is another masterpiece in the category of the drill presses mostly needed from craftsmen seeking quality cutting devices around the world. This special series is registered as one of the best drill press for woodworking in the online market and differs radically from all its opponents.

First, it features a solid cast and iron construction for better endurance and higher precision cuts no matter what the material could be. It operates with spindle travel of approximately 2.44 inches being one of the highest on the market to perform accurate holes on wooden parts.

The cast iron table has specially designed roller extensions to allow a better grip and a wider working surface for precision work.

There is also a high torque and speed setting and the drill can move fluidly from project to project with no need of interrupting your work.


  • Solis steel and cast-iron body for a unique appearance.
  • Plastic parts are reducing the total weight of the device.
  • Special wheels can be adjusted to move it anywhere you like.
  • LED lighting is applied when working.
  • Spindle travel among the largest in the category.


  • Less energy-saving than its rivals.
  • Plastic parts made fade away with time.

5 ShopSeries RK7033 6.2-Amp 10″ Drill Press

 This is the tool mostly desired by professional craftsmen around the globe. The ShopSeries is reputable among the woodworkers for being a reliable company giving quality tools to last for a lifetime.

This special edition has been characterized as the best small drill press for enhanced freedom and precise cuts even when you have a limited workplace.

It is equipped with a powerful 200lbs of torque motor with 17 distinct clutch positions to operate precision cuts in a variety of materials. The variable speed control gives you enhanced safety to perform the drilling. There is also a white LED light posed on top of the drill press to give you enhanced visibility even in the darkest environment conditions.


  • 2-year limited guarantee covers all users.
  • Durable cast-iron table meets international requirements.
  • Drill chuck allows the use of metal and woodworking.
  • Five different operating speeds for your ease.
  • High torque motor can drill virtually anything.


  • Bevel is not giving you a 45 degrees angle for side cuts.
  • The working surface is not adequately lighted.

6 WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

Being the drill press of choice for craftsmen in the past decades, the WEN drill press has finally presented its latest series that have taken the market by storm. This particular edition is said to belong to the best drill press for woodworking widely available to people on a global basis.

This drill press has an enormous capacity motor that can work at various speeds and provide extra accurate cutting in most type of materials like wood, metal or plastic. There is a powerful induction motor to give ball bearings for extended life and balanced performance.

The presence of an X-pattern laser pointing system locks-on to your drilling points, offering you improved precision to any type of cut.


  • Infinitely variable speed range to drill almost anything.
  • Great spindle travel for your comfort.
  • Working surface adjusts LED lighting.
  • Long power cord helps you work remote.
  • The separate tool kit is included to carry it with you.


  • Iron body may rust with time.
  • Thermal diffusion in the motor may disfunction from times to times.

7 Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

One of the most reputable tool companies, the DELTA has been well-known for its quality products that offer enhances usability and increased longevity even under intense use. The latest series of drill press is considered to be among the best woodworking drill press widely available to users seeking more accuracy in their cutting work.

There is a flexible LED work light which illuminates the work surface for greater visibility. The drill press is equipped with a heavy-duty motor providing the necessary torque to perform demanding drilling applications. The oversized worktable is adequately patented by DELTA company who giving a respectable working surface for various use.

Finally, the twin lasers pointers are projecting a bright red crosshair on the workplace at the point of bit contact for greater precision when cutting.


  • Five-year guarantee the most generous on the market.
  • Full 6-inch quill stroke can serve all sizes of drills.
  • The belt is tensioned and driven automatically for your comfort.
  • Twin Laser technology is applied in cutting surface.
  • Adjustable depth stops are applied for perfection when drilling.


  • Energy consuming machine.
  • The guarantee doesn’t cover the body parts.

8 Grizzly Heavy-Duty Bench-Top Drill Press

The newcomer in the category of drilling machines has been the Grizzly drill press which lately offers quality products with improved innovations in crucial parts. The last series presented to the public is said to be one of the best drill press for woodworking apparent in all possible markets around the world.

The drill press is made of quality lightweight metal alloy which gives enhanced movability around the workplace. The power cord is longer than the other models giving you improved access even when the workplace is far away from the power source.

There is a built-in LED light giving you more freedom to work in darker conditions with the same precision. The cast iron table can be easily bevelled to the desired angle and expanded to meet the requirements of the special cut.

Finally, the Grizzly drill press features a height of 38 inches giving you enough space to work no matter how narrow the workplace could be.


  • Gathers all the great features of industrial machines.
  • LED lighting is applied in cutting surface.
  • Extension of the table is valid in some models.
  • High torque motor gives enough power to drill any material.
  • Thermal induction is applied to the motor.


  • Less protection for the user.
  • No anti-debris cap for the motor.

9 Jet JDP-17 3/4 hp Drill Press

This is another great precision drill press presented by the JET company which is apparently one of the blockbusters of the category. This special edition is reviewed to be one of the best benchtop drill press for a variety of reasons being explained in full later on.

First, it has a solid iron cast construction being durable even under the most intense use. The 5-inch spindle travel and the poly v-belt drive system are innovations applied by the JET Press to offer you the best drilling experience ever seen. There is also a long-lasting built-in LED work light to give you improved visibility under any conditions.

Finally, the working surface is among the largest available in the category allowing you to do all types of drilling with extra quality and safety.


  • Large spindle travel can give you hand.
  • The belt can be tensioned even one-handed.
  • Safety key for the power switch.
  • Panic button always on to keep you safe.
  • Batteries are included in some models.


  • The longer cord is needed for remote use.
  • Depth stop may malfunction sometimes.

10 Gino TruePower Precision Mini Drill Press

The GINO drill press has a long tradition in providing the best available drill presses in the market. The latest presented series is among the best drill press for woodworking desired by the majority of craftsmen that require sustainability and quality work.

The iron cast metal gives extra support to the user and enhanced safety when drilling. The motor is durable enough to give maximum torque and increased RPM to drill holes in virtually any material.

Finally, the LED lighting gives improved cutting surface visibility at all times. The non-belt technology adds on to the comfort of the user.


  • Permanent magnet motor gives quality function.
  • Total black color matches all workplaces.
  • Safety button always on to keep you secure.
  • Belt can be easily changed.
  • Drills are easily accommodated at all sizes.


  • The motor may overheat in higher RMP.
  • Dust can accumulate to the drill driver.

Awesome List of 10 Best Woodworking Drill Press


Now that you have seen all possible choices it is easy to say which is the best drill press for woodworking that better matches your individual needs and tastes. You should be focusing on quality and endurance when looking for drill presses since these are the qualities mostly wanted by craftsmen worldwide.

Drilling has become an easy task lately, take advantage of technological innovations to make your life easier.

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