10 Best Angle Grinder for Cutting Metal

One of the most important tools for a craftsman who works either indoors or outdoors has traditionally been the angle grinder. Today we’ll be reviewing 10 of the best angle grinder for cutting metal that is available now.

The angle grinders have to lightweight to incorporate a fast-rotating disc developing massive friction with the surfaces. The disc can be from special carbon material for higher resistance to temperature and pressures, and it can perfectly cut steel or plastic with great accuracy and precision.

Most of the craftsmen are requiring great availability of spare parts for their grinders and the existence of a wide variety of discs so that they can virtually cut multiple materials or even scrub rusty metal surfaces.

Let’s check all the new brand angle grinders who are offering to you the best features.

Review: 10 Best Angle Grinder for Cutting Metal

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1 DEWALT DWE402 – Best 4 1/2 Angle Grinder

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DEWALT has been, for a long time, the champion of the tools category. This model great popular since it is lightweight and has a perfect grip on the hands of any worker.

It has a brushless motor for greater durability, a retractable utility hook for convenient hanging, and an outstanding power-to-weight ratio that gives extra points to the productivity of the user.

The drilling experience can be amazing, having an ergonomic design, which gives you an exceptional overhead sight.


  • Plastic and metal parts are always there to give you security.
  • Imported parts are always better quality.
  • A corded power tool that is extremely flexible.
  • One-touch guard to make up for easy use.
  • The dust ejection system provides durability.


  • Available Only in 120 Volts.
  • Vibrations are coming through the handle.

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2 Metabo W9-115 8.5 Amp – Best Angle Grinder for The Money

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The Metabo W9-115 angle grinder is an excellent tool with many exceptional features that make it the best angle grinder for cutting metal on the online market currently.

It is equipped with a longer power cord than the competition so that you can reach the most distant places and work there. It has a special rubber handle for a perfect grip while working, enhancing safety and accuracy.

There are a safety cap places firmly around the rotating disk so that you can feel safer while cutting metals. The quality plastic that the grinder made of can last for many years without wearing off, and this is important for the success of your purchase.


  • Highest RMP motor
  • The blade is easy to change with a single wrench.
  • Metal parts have an anti-rust layer.
  • The longest power cord is great for remote work.
  • Special lightweight design.


  • Modest activity on concrete cut.
  • The guarantee doesn’t cover maintenance.

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3 SKIL 9295-01 6.0 Amp – Best Metal Grinder

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Skil 9295-01 is our favorite angle grinder with the features and balance we like as the best cordless angle grinder.

It features one of the best quality handles you can find in the market. With quality rubber that doesn’t wear off with time or weather conditions, you can always enjoy the best grip when working.

The angle grinder has an easy way to remove the rotating disc and replace it when needed for maximum comfort and safety. Not to mention that the extra lightweight materials used for its body parts, create an easy to hold grinder, always ready to deal with the toughest metals.


  • A powerful motor gives you the change to cut anything.
  • The compact grip design is perfect for comfort use.
  • Quick adjustments made using the tool-less guard.
  • A vibration-reducing handle is enabled.
  • Heavy-duty metal gear housing gives great longevity.


  • Plastic parts may wear off with time.
  • Spare parts are difficult to find and replace.

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4 Bosch 4-1/2-Inch 1375A – Best Grinder Tool

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Optimum quality and ergonomics are the top reasons why Bosch has become the world leader in the angle grinder tools.

It has a powerful motor that rotates in ultra-high-speed so that it can produce extra friction and cut the metals of smoother their surfaces. The power cord is so lightweight and durable. You will not need any extra protection from electric hazards when working outdoors.

Additionally, it offers the user protection from debris that can harm the tool having extra epoxy-coated field windings. The power-on button is easily accessible, and the disc can be removed in seconds, which is crucial for workers who have time shortage when doing their chores.


  • A reputable brand that gives you safety.
  • The rubber handle is ensuring proper grip.
  • The brush system is there to eliminate guesswork.
  • The epoxy-coated design prevents the debris damage of the motor.
  • Side auxiliary handle is there for your comfort.


  • Energy consuming device.
  • The battery needs constant recharging.

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5 Hitachi 7.4-Amp – Best Corded Angle Grinder

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This is the time of the world-famous Hitachi producer to present a perfect angle grinder to the public, gathering all the attention upon it. It has extra motor power to cut steel and concrete at the same time.

Hitachi produces the best discs of its own, having a special ability to produce friction even in the most slippery external conditions. The powerful motor gives high-speed rotation to the disc so that you can cut virtually any material.

The power cord is long enough for external use, and the handle is made of quality rubber to ensure the safety and the perfect grip of the worker.


  • Large paddle switch for comfortable use.
  • The wheel guard can be adjusted to the desired angle.
  • Spindle lock for easy wheel installation.
  • The compact and lightweight structure is imminent.
  • The hard case comes with to carry it carefully.


  • Short cord gives you less chance for remote work.
  • The blade is frequently jammed.

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6 PORTER-CABLE PC60TPAG 7 – Best Angle Grinder for Metal

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This best angle grinder has a 7.0-Amp motor, and 3-position side handle.

It equipped with a large power motor that can give supreme rotation to the disc and help you cut virtually anything. The disc material is so diverse from others, giving you extra ability to choose among different levels of friction to smoother surfaces or cut sharp edges.

It comes with a generous guarantee that lasts longer than any competitor, and it has excellent after-sales service support mostly needed for craftsmen that are working multiple hours in the field.


  • Great RMP and powerful motor for impressive results.
  • Cast metal gear gives you more reliable cutting.
  • A tool-free guard offers the safety of use.
  • The anti-debris mechanism is protecting the motor.
  • Side handle is great for balancing the device.


  • The guarantee is limited to 3 years after purchase.
  • Not all parts imported.

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7 BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 6 – Best Rated Angle Grinder

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Now we have reached the brand name making the biggest impact in the tool industry. Black and Decker angle grinder models can support its supremacy by presenting its unique features to the public.

It has a 3-position handle for optimal control in any type of application. The one-touch release switch for rapid shut off contributes to the extra safety of the user at any given time. Rotating discs are produced by the company to fit perfectly to the grinder and have enhanced durability to last longer.

The motor is by far the most powerful available on the market, being brushless to ensure longevity and better cooling.


  • Special energy-saving motor.
  • Thermal diffusion is adding to longevity.
  • The rear handle gives a better grip to the user.
  • The blade can easily be removed with a single wrench.
  • A toolbox is attached to the metal body.


  • Metal parts are vulnerable to rust.
  • Cords are sometimes messed up together

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8 Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2-Inch – Best Small Grinder

[amazon box=”B0010DHFTK” ]

This durable angle grinder is another best angle grinder for cutting metal that features a powerful 7.5 amp motor.

It delivers a massive 11,000rpm for better cut and a smoother start for enhanced stability of the user. It features an extra-large paddle switch for comfortable operation and a side handle that can be easily installed on either side of the tool.

This model also offers a smart AC/DC switch for use with alternative power sources. It can be used in cutting, paddling, and polishing applications with the same success.


  • The powerful motor can give exceptional results.
  • Higher RMP gives great torque with less energy consumed.
  • Metal and plastics parts make out for a lightweight tool.
  • Extra-large paddle switch for comfortable operation.
  • The power source can be switched on and off alternatively.


  • Torque is sometimes diminished by power shortage.
  • The blade cannot be easily removed after use.

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9 Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel – Best Angle Grinder for Welding

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The Milwaukee company has long been a great player in the hand tools manufacturing business. This model of angle driver could easily enter the category of the best variable speed angle grinder incorporating all the latest technology trends to make it durable and innovative.

It equipped with a brushless motor that works at extra high speed when needed to provide the most accurate cut, being durable at the same time. The comfort handle is one of a kind and made from a special rubber alloy that is waterproof and gives increased safety to the user.

The longer power cord makes it easier to approach distant areas in the worksite. The easily removable discs are a certain plus for the tolerability of the model at work.


  • Fueled with high torque for perfection.
  • Durable iron cast with plastic components.
  • Handles are rubber covered for better grip.
  • Rear handle has a great anti-vibration ability.
  • A blade can be easily removed and replaced.


  • Thermal diffusion is difficult to succeed.
  • The battery needs constant recharging.

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10 PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG 6.0 – Best Electric Angle Grinder

[amazon box=”B004X5NNGG” ]

This is by far the most portable of all angle grinders that presented in this review. It has a special hook that you can hang it virtually anywhere in the house or your car. It certainly fits your trunk, so be ready to have it with you at all times.

Perfect comfort when using it is ensured by the rubber handle that absorbs all the shocks and pressures that come from the cutting site. There is also great ease in removing and changing the rotating discs, which can be done using the one hand only. The power cord is longer than the average and can ensure you have the right power supply even in the most distant places.


  • Imported parts for premium quality.
  • Great RMP is here to give you precision cut.
  • High torque motor can also provide you with energy consistency.
  • LED lighting applied to the front panel.
  • Smart Button is there to freeze the blade in case of an emergency.


  • A timing belt can easily wear off with time.
  • Constant lubrication of blade is required

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This is the time for you to choose the best angle grinder for cutting metal that will be better for your work. Your decision has to be made according to the longevity of the tool that can be a smart investment. The variety of spare parts and the after-sales service could be crucial reasons to make a smart purchase. Give yourself only the best tools for being professional.

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