10 Problems With SmartCore Vinyl Flooring

Nowadays many homeowners are going for the Smartcore vinyl flooring, this is contributed by its beauty, style, and its cost which is cheaper compared to hardwood floors. Regardless of all its goodness, Smartcore vinyl flooring has its problems too.

Problems related to Smartcore Vinyl Flooring are that it is easily scratched, denting problems, peeling and cracking, chipping in the corners, and water damage. Furthermore, it is not environmentally friendly, prone to discoloration and stains, hard to install and repair and its warranty is limited.

In this article, you will learn more about problems related to Smartcore vinyl flooring and how you can deal with some of them.

10 Problems With Smartcore Vinyl Flooring

Easily Scratched

Many floorings are prone to scratching. Nevertheless, vinyl flooring is most susceptible to scratching. It loses its glow after getting scratched and it appears dull.

In many adverts, Smartcore is said to be tougher than other brands giving the potential buyers hopes that it will not scratch at all.

Vinyl flooring is easily scratched by heeled shoes and chair legs. To minimize the scratches, you should have indoor sleepers for you and your guests, this will help minimize the dirt entering your house. Also, avoid dragging chairs in the house.

If you are a pet owner, vinyl flooring will disappoint you as it is effortlessly scratched by cats’ and dogs’ paws. You should go for tougher flooring if you like pets.

Denting Problem

Not only is vinyl flooring prone to scratching, but also denting. This flooring is not suitable for a place with a lot of movements like a commercial place.

Smartcore vinyl flooring is not tough enough to withstand a lot of pressure.

Peeling and Cracking

Peeling and cracking is endless complaint by the customers. Over time, your vinyl flooring will start cracking and will look unattractive. The peeling makes it worse as it will leave the floor to damage and dirt will get trapped underneath the flooring.

 This problem is inevitable and you should be ready for it.

Chipped Corners

The corners of the Smartcore flooring will get chipped over time. This can be a result of poor installation methods.  

This can be avoided by keenness while installing it. Poor cleaning habits can lead to this problem too.

Water Damage

Though Smartcore advertises vinyl flooring to be waterproof, it has been proved that its underlayment can be damaged by moisture. You will be forced to buy underlayment separately, but this still does not offer a total guarantee that the flooring will not absorb moisture.

Discoloration & Stains

Smartcore vinyl flooring will readily absorb any food or drink making it stained and discolored. These stains are hard to come out of, but you can avoid this by wiping out the food or drink spills instantly before they get absorbed. Use a damp, clean cloth and wipe gently.

Other than food and drink spills, the vinyl flooring can be discolored by the sun. This is possible when bright sunlight penetrates through the window. To prevent this, you should put the shades down when there is bright sunlight and always leave them down when you are off to work.

Heat can also contribute to discoloration of the vinyl flooring so it’s advisable to avoid using a heat vent on the floor.

Not Environmental Friendly

Depending on the materials used to manufacture it, vinyl flooring will emit different levels of VOCs into the environment after some time. The emitted substances are toxic and can lead to respiratory issues in the future.

This problem can be prevented by buying the vinyl flooring from a qualified material source, you can also use an air purifier to help clean the air and make breathing easier when in the house.


Smartcore vinyl flooring is hard to install contrary to the advert. It will require a person with prior know-how or an expert to install it, after all the company voids warranty if one never hired a professional to install it. This is ridiculous because even if you are perfect at installing floorings you will still be demanded to hire a professional.


Repairing damaged vinyl flooring is impossible, you cannot replace only the damaged or marked-up part only. You will have to remove the old flooring and put a new one.

 In the end, you will realize you never saved much by not buying the hardwood.

Limited Warranty

It is absurd how the Smatcore Company encourages its customers not to hire professionals to install the flooring yet they void the warranty if you never hired a professional to install it.

More so, the company will not cover any other problem detected after installation. The company will only cover for manufacturing defects noted before installation of the flooring but not after.

Compared to other brands, Smartcore will offer a guarantee of five years which is extremely short.


Why Is My Vinyl Plank Flooring Separating?

Vinyl plank flooring will separate due to contraction and expansion in cold and hot weather. It can also separate due to the presence of moisture underneath and excessively dragging heavy objects around the house like furniture.

Is Smartcore Vinyl Flooring Scratch Resistant?  

Smartcore vinyl flooring is not scratch resistant as not seen in the adverts. It can effortlessly get scratched and dented compared to other brands.

Do You Need An Expansion Gap For Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is sensitive to changes in temperatures thus it is advisable to leave nearly a ¼ inch around the perimeter of the floor. This will help create room for expansion when the temperatures are high.


There are a lot of problems with the Smartcore vinyl flooring which makes it not a preferred choice compared to other floorings in the market.  

The repair issue, limited warranty, scratching and denting easily, peeling and cracking, among others make it not the best choice even if it is a budget-friendly flooring.

Am certain you now understand the problems related to vinyl flooring and you can decide to avoid them or be prepared.

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